Saturday, 4 February 2012

When I was a lad(or lass?) just 3 feet 3.[Part I]

School is over. CAN YOU BLOODY BELIEVE IT? I know I can't :| I am basically supposed to be sitting down and studying for my Chemistry Board Practical, but damn I just read a friend's account of her school life, and the nostalgia pushed itself into my teeny weeny head.
School's over? But I just bloody came out of mommy dearest's womb! :O How did I grow up so fast? I mean, though it sounds horribly cliche, but yeah, wasn't it just YESTERDAY(I warned you about it beforehand, don't you give me the look, nuh uh)when I entered that huge black gate, and then refused to come out? Yes ladies and gentlemen,your mother told you that you cried your ass off. She told you tears, mixed with phlegm, poured down your face in excess and it broke her heart to let go of your little fingers and watch you being pulled by a friendly looking Nursery teacher, while you reached out for her with your free hand. She might have even told you that though you were a good kid when she left you, during dispersal she was met by a child whose eyes accused her of betrayal. My mother's story, my friends, is downright hilarious. She INSISTS that I got in through the admission process in my school after I had already been rejected once. And I, I must emphasize, am an egoistic, self loving bitch. And I refused to believe that a toddler as awe inspiring as me could POSSIBLY be rejected by a bunch of bespectacled ladies with identical Know-It-All looks on their faces. And that is when I was told that the reason for the thumbs down was that after the examination, I firmly declined the benign offer of being reunited with my mother. And the tears mixed with phlegm poured down my face ONLY because I didn't want to part with the colorful toy bricks, the huge bowl of battered crayons or the pretty flowers outside the reception which the scary looking Mucchad Uncle forbade me from plucking. The bespectacled ladies were anxious about the safety of their staff,whose eyes I was trying to scratch out when they dragged me towards my mother. And hence Ruhani Chopra, for the first time in her life was REJECTED. Whatte pity. But soon, they realized what a colossal mistake they had committed by turning down such a will-bring-a-change-in-the-big-bad-world-type child prodigy[ B) ] and TOOK ME BACK =D And that's what made all the difference :)
Kids don't usually remember their first year in school, but there are a few snippets from Nursery that have forever been etched in my head. Like my first friend in school(I turned my back on him because he befriended a bully. I was always a righteous kid \m/), my favourite table(there were only low, round tables sans chairs. We sat on the floor)which was bright cherry red(RedLoveForever), my hiding place which was occupied by yours truly when she wanted to take some time off the tiring and draining routine of the play ground and talk to herself instead. The swings, the pool parties in the pool-cum-waterfall at the edge of the Jhoola Park, the school bus where I beat the shit out of a lot of annoying kids[I was the Don, yo!], the school assemblies where they made us sing all kinds of songs about the anatomy, poems about fruits and so on and so forth. Oh and assemblies were also cool for another reason altogether, for come 30th December[31st was always a chhutti. It broke my heart every year.] or 4th of Jan, I was presented on stage and I felt like thee keeng of thee worldd. You see, birthday kids were always given a certain kind of preference[wearing casuals on one day every year was sort of cool] and that was the foundation of my firm belief in half birthdays that was to develop in the years to come. I often recycled the attire I wore or would wear on my Birthday Bash, and bugged my mum about getting a whole lot of extra candy for my classmates[my evil plan being that I would eat every single bit of left over candy later on, simply by stating innocently that not many kids had turned up to school that day]. It was another experience altogether!
I have SO MUCH to write about, but I can hear my mother's suspicious rapid breathing from the other room, and I believe it is time I finally climbed into bed before she takes matters into her own hands and switches off the mains. So Imma go now, and Imma be back with the rest of my reminiscence tomorrow. Or day after.  Or whenever I think I'll be able to make mommy dearest believe that I am indeed looking for answers for my Chemistry Practical on the internet. S'long! :)

Little Miss Grumpy. Second from right.

Haha this is from the scrapbook I maintained in 7th grade. Hence the "Slang" =P


  1. Ah the days,the good ol days,how distant they seem now.sigh*

  2. Yes. And they seem all the more distant when you know you've got your Chemistry Board Practical the next day.

  3. I was the friend you mentioned in the first line right? Im so awesome yo B)

  4. Hey! Love your blog.. filled with personality.

    Keep writing... man how I miss school after reading this.. : ( : (

    1. Thank you SO much! =D
      Well then, write about it! :)


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