Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm back fellas! :D

It's a good thing I decided to follow that 10 days you thing. Atleast I'll regularly blog for like 10 days :)
So 3 days left now. GREAT. There's soooo much of work still left to be done! Costumes,choreography, positioning, stage designing,...CRAP. I'm so majorly screwed. :/ PLUS my Boyfriend and Best friend's female hormones keep kicking in and driving me craazy! Men. I can never learn how to deal with them. Jackasses.
Also, I realized that my Blog sort of needs a make over. Finally. Yes people, I know you love the header, and more than that, the charming Duo in the background :) But change is good, aint it? :) So suggestions! Bombard me with them! :)


1.DANCING. No discussions, definitely no arguments :)
2.Chocolate <3 No explanations required :D
3.The rain. Tingles my soul,makes me feel alive :)
4.Music. For all seasons, moods, emotions :)
5.Ze Boyfriend :)
6.Reading. :) Though I hardly read now, all thanks to the hectic schedule and my internet-addiction. Whatte pity :/
7.Surprises. That's how one can win me over :P
8. Sleeping. It's the perfect escape from reality :)
9.The few close, trusted friends that I have. 
Shall be back tomorrow! trusted followers. that is, if at all I am being followed at the moment :P Tada! :*

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Return Of The Inconsistent Blogger.

Hello there!
Yes, I have indeed become one hell of a/an "Id ka chaand" in here lately, but I have valid reasons, I assure you!
Alas, 12th grade isn't treating me so well.Plus, I have a show in 4 days. Not really a show, more of a competition. An Intra-School competition. Doesn't sound like much of reason to freak the shit out me, now does it? But when it's your last year in school, and when "The Dancer" sort of becomes your middle name,your identity,the reason you stand out among hundreds of other kids like you, you aren't really left with much of a choice but to present something absofuckinglutely fantastic in order to live up to your audience's expectations! So yes, this past month of preparations has sure been bloody stressful and hectic! But there's one thing that keeps me going. The fact that when I'll be on stage on 5th of May, I won't remember any of this. I won't remember anything. All that would matter is the fact that I'm on stage. And  that I'm dancing. :) And when I'm dancing, it feels alright. :)

So there's this thing that I've seen on loads of Blogs lately. Thought I should give it a try too :)

Haha so starting with 10 SECRETS.

1. I'm not a Tom Boy anymore. I hate to admit it but then yeah, there it is. I'm just NOT. FML.
2. I can TOLERATE Pink now. And though my Boyfriend will do all he can to convince the rest of the world that I secretly ADORE Pink,promise me that you'd turn a deaf ear towards him? Pinky promise? SHEESH.
3.Though I hate to admit it to my mum, I still don't have my life under control :/
4. I'm SHIT scared of insects. All sorts of creepy crawlies! They make me feel pukish :/
5. I was so bored a week back that I watched 90210 online. *Goes and hides behind the curtain*
6. I've been a pathetic daughter, a pathetic Best Friend and a pathetic what not lately :/
7. I can be one hell of a hypocrite at times! And then shamelessly deny it! :/
8. There is a certain person. Either I absolutely HATE that person, or I really love that person. Does that ring a bell? I've mentioned that earlier, haven't I? So yeah, still confused! :S
9. I used to sleep at night with pillows arranged around me like a fortress till like the age of 12?:P
10. I can't think of anymore "secrets" so I'm going to act smart and make this one a separate point to achieve my goal of 10 :P

So that's it for now folks! Shall be back tomorrow with ""9 loves" :)