Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mindblowing May- Day TWO! *Updated*

Here's a random thought. I need new kurtas, and skullcandy headphones and another thing which I totally forgot about. Okay, random moment over.

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Yayie yayie yay. 
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So yeah, the "another thing" was actually a planner! So now you know why I need a planner in the first place! =P


I watched her walk across the corridor, and my eyes followed her till she entered the Biology classroom eventually. I am no  mind reader, but I knew for a fact that she was trying very, VERY hard not to make eye contact, or even look in my direction. I didn’t have to be a psychology major to figure THAT out. If the stiff shoulders and an iron tight grip on her binder weren’t obvious clues, then the way she kept trying to steal a glance and then swiftly checking herself , sure gave her away. What was she so afraid of? Sure, my emotional outburst had startled her. Or maybe horrified was the appropriate word. What she’d done yesterday was what I had ONLY seen women do in horror flicks. Of course, women are bound to stare till their eyeballs pop out, and then run for their lives, if confronted by a bunch of zombies with contorted faces. That’s what any horrified individual would do, yeah? But is that how women usually react when told that their smile makes a certain person’s day? Or that their simplicity and innocence are their most alluring characteristics? Is  “I really can’t stop thinking about you” AS horrifying as a batch of blood thirsty zombies? Obnoxiously cheesy, yes. But HORRIFYING?
It wasn’t as if she had NEVER dated anyone in her previous school. Stalking her for hours on Facebook had proven that. Don’t judge me, that’s what you would do if you were mad about a certain girl with hazel eyes that shone as bright as the summer sun, wouldn’t you? Then why was she trying to shut ME out? I was eager. I was anxious. I was desperate to know her story in her own words. And I was determined to change her mind. The “I’ve sealed my heart in a glass jar” attitude and the “Emotionally unavailable” status weren’t good enough to discourage me. Her shield might be strong, but it wasn’t impenetrable And it sure wasn’t going to withstand the multiple blows I  was prepared to ambush it with. Making the last minute decision to ditch Math, I decided to give 6th period Biology a try. 

The people who joined me today were. . . =D

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  1. Marjaaaaaaaa -.-
    Blog karne ka time hai? Mil nahi sakti! >:O

  2. Rings bells in my brain, I have a good friend with that kind of story. And the cliche? Hazel Eyes, he'd been obsessed with them, still is, but to no avail :D

    Awesome post!

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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