Tuesday, 28 February 2012


One day to go for the English Board exam, and this is how I annihilate time. 

DISCLAIMER: Parental supervision required. Tread carefully.  Pregnant women, heart patients, sissies, BACK OFF.

I-Pad/Webcam loouve+Freakiness+Procrastination.
I have my boards exams in one and a half day's time. Don't judge me. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hello fellow unfortunate souls and the people who're not in the 12th grade,
Fuck Physics, Imma post on my Blog! B)
Hell who am I kidding? PHYSICS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Pinky swear.

Sooo the other day I was thinking how the entire tradition of giving away blog awards has suddenly vanished from the face of the Blogging World. And how much I'd like to revive it. Cause let's face it, I'd like to get some in return too =P Naw I'm just kidding, there are some people out here who really REALLY deserve some appreciation [Not that the others don't, you know what I mean!] So it gives me great pleasure to announce the first of the many recipients of Ruhani's Random Rewards.

Followers are a crucial part of your blogging experience. Without them, there wouldn't be much of an impetus for writing. Here's to my most Loyal Follower, who gives me the feeling that there is atleast  one person out there who would have taken out time from her busy schedule to read the randommest of things on my blog. And the  R^3 goes to.... *Drum Roll*

DIWITAAAAA! [Check out her wonderful blog here]. I love you babe. Keep stalking me :* You know the drill. The speech,the 7 things, yada yada. Carry  on the tradition :)

Will be back with more of R^3 in the next post.
In the meantime, here's the song in my head right now. It's been in here for a while now.

It's pretty damn old, but Bee-Aiff-Aiff posted it on my wall a few days ago, and since then it's all I've been listening to.

ALSO, since he's been mentioned here, I shall dedicate today's picture to the jackass that I love so much.

[Don't ask me where I got that tee from, I ain't gonna tell you, macha!

I'm too damn awesome for you yaaa.
Here's to the randommest conversations, trips to the Shady Park[Despite all the murders, rapes, abductions it's witnessed, I love that place man =D], all my food that you've paid for [I gain a sudden appetite for all the delicacies I can't afford when I'm with you  =P], all the shitty people we've bitched about and all the times I've taken your case[Your feeble attempts don't count]. But but BUT, me still loves youu. <3 Okaybye too much importance for a single day. I'll have to be a bitch to you for an entire week to compensate for all these sugar coated words. Blahoo to that. :*

I am going to try to get back to you guys with the Unique Freak [Part III] asap. I sort of have an idea about what is going to happen next, can't wait to type it down! God knows when that'll be. *Sigh* For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, you need to check out The Unique Freak and The Unique Freak [Part II].  Till then, adios amigos! [Yeah yeah, you can stop rolling your eyes now]

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Voldemort, why you suck so much?

Well hello there! :) Physics is royally screwing me over, and hence I had absolutely no time to post something concrete today :-/ But searching for a Harry Potter related picture for my previous post introduced me to a lot of other HP jokes. So I thought I'd share a few with you guys! =D 
Here's to the Harry-Potter-Loving-Generation! =D 

If it wasn't for the M, I'd think she was Rebecca Black -.-

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Time-Traveler's Blogpost!

Dear 14/15 year old me,[Yes, I am talking to you, you freakshow. Don't try to pretend as if you don't fantasize about time travel when no one's looking!]
Since my salutation wasn't a THING like "dEeR 15 yEeR oLd Mah", you would have realized that a few years down the line you'll realize that "tYpiN' lyK dIz iZ NOT kEwL'. Seriously, not at all. Also, since this blog post was published at 2 in the night, you'll realize that you're not going to be the good girl forever and ever. In fact, you're going to end up becoming someone you never thought you would be. And that is not a good thing, trust me.
So here's a little heads up.
  • You can bask in the glory of being the school topper for as long as you want, for you will end up taking that luxury for granted a few years down the line, and end up becoming one of the least-scorers of your class. If you really REALLY wanna avoid that, try 
  1. Dropping the idea of engineering in the nearest wastepaper basket. And do ANYTHING but join FIITJEE. I mean sing Bring me to life[Evanescence. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it NOW. And for Christ's sake, drop that "Smack that" bullshit.]on a public platform and make a fool out of yourself, don't wear a skirt to school, pick up a fight with a ruffian. ANYTHING BUT FIITJEE. Mark my words. You'll just end up ridiculing the place after a few months on a wonderful thing called a BLOG.[ Read The B-4 Theory =P]
  2. Fuck Facebook. It'll ruin your life, kill your brain cells, and do anything but enhance your social life. The only thing you'll end up doing is upload pictures. And more pictures. And then you'll go ahead and upload some more. And after a while you'll be like "Whaaaa? 5,496 pictures? Holy mother of . . ."
  • Don't be the egoistic bitch and TALK to dad. He won't be around for very long. Or maybe, he will be, if you end up being a slightly better daughter. 
  • Don't go around crying over Mister A. He'll come around :) [PS. He loves you. Pssstt ;) ]
  • DO NOT date your best friend. You'll fuck up his life and yours, he'll eventually start ignoring you and you'll shed a hell lot of tears over  him.
  • DO NOT shed "a hell lot of tears" over anything/anyone. 
  • Don't try to "fit in". Or you're bound to find yourself doing that ^. That too, waay too often. Be yourself and stay with people who love you for who you are.[ Manasi, Nishtha , Khushali, Krittika(I'm sure that fuckhead is still in Delhi). HUG THEM. NOW.]
  • Dance as much as you can NOW. Cause there'll be a time when you'll be willing to trade your soul for a single dance performance. Be the adamant bitch and REFUSE to leave the academy despite any sort of parental pressure. Trust me, you won't regret it. 
  • You won't be the jhakaas tom boy that you are for very long. Waaaa :( Peer pressure, along with your hormones will make you quite similar to the kind of girls you joke about at present. No no NO, please don't try to commit suicide. I guess these are the kind of risks Dumbledore warns Hermione about in book three. That man's God. :') But you still won't be a part of the "Oooooh! Look at my GORJUSS red  nails",  or the"Oh aaimm geee. You know whaat?" species. Pardaay pardaay PARDAAY! *does the chicken dance*
However, there'll be few perks too. . .  :)
  • Your mother will soon let you get all sorts of beauty treatments [You know the drill] and so, you won't look like a mutant version of King Kong 2010 on wards. Really, how are you even alive with all those chunks of hair on your upper lip, arms, so on and so forth? 
  • You'll end up becoming quite a looker. LOL JK[ Even though I HATE using it, I know you do too. But the script demands it :-/ ] you just won't be Anil Kapoor's female counterpart. 
  • There will be a  total of SEVEN books in the Harry Potter series [YAY WOOPIE?]. And Voldy will go all moldy, Ron and Hermione would have some fun. They'll end up exploring each other's dungeons, if you know what I mean. Oh  wait, you don't. You're  not going to end up discussing sex jokes till 2011 or something.

  • Ze mother will FINALLY let you watch FRIENDS. Who am I kidding, you'll be watching it anyway, while she goes on and on about how it's ". . . not for your age" and how ". . . there's too much sex on it." That is exactly the reason why I'd advise you to not watch How I met your mother or 90210[Spoiler alert: It's shitty.] in her presence. FRIENDS is like Mickey Mouse Fun House in front of them.
  • There'll be people you'll thank God for. Trust them, stick to them, keep them close. They are here to stay [ You probably don't know Diwita, Nehaa, Gavin yet. They're awesome people. Awesome people who're probably smiling like lunatics if they're reading this]
  • There'll be a guy who'll love you more than you could possibly imagine. Admire him, respect him, appreciate his efforts. And reciprocate with equal fervor :) [You might want to believe a little more in Anmol. Just saying :) ]






Yeah yeah, get all happy and jump around =P
You're one lucky bitch, you know. I wish Me From 2020 had written a similar letter for me. I wouldn't have messed up my life so fucking badly then. . . .
Anyhoo, you be a good girl, study your ass off, love, live, laugh :) And whatever you do, don't lose your innocence. There's a big bad world out there, waiting to pull you in with all it's might. Let your innocence be your armor :)
Yes, it's time for me to mug, cry, sleep, eat, repeat. So I must take your leave.
I love you.[Not in a self absorbed, self-loving way] You make me wanna be YOU again.
-Ru <3

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