Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fare Thee Well :)

Yellow! :)
I is back! But I won't be participating in Fantabulous February today! No time, you see! :( But you are free to check out Kanika's post here since the picture for today is just waaay too cool! =D
But before you do that, check THIS out! =D

Thank you Vanita for being my 50th Follower![You can check out her blog here] Hope to see you around  on a regular basis! :) 
ALSO, since I've been trying my hand at a bit of photography[just messing around folks, experimenting and shit. Nothing serious or minutely fabulous :) ] I thought I'd share it with my readers on a regular basis, cause hey, I might be shitty and all, but this still is my personal space, right? :) 

This ^ might be more applicable for me than anything else, but what's the harm in trying, eh? :)
So anyway, I thought instead of uploading a picture today, I'd show you guys a video from a recent dance performance. We were messy, and uncoordinated, and unorganized, and this definitely isn't among my best dance performances, but that wasn't even the point of the whole act. This video is of my very last dance performance on my school's stage. I finally bid farewell to The stage where I grew, learnt, and exhibited my knowledge of dance :) So yeah, the point this time around wasn't to showcase what I had learnt in the 14 years of my school life. The point was that for my very last performance on my beloved stage, I performed with almost the entire batch to a piece partly choreographed by me. The point was to give our school something worth remembering for the rest of their lives, to convince even those people who'd never ever even stepped on stage to come up and dance their hearts out, to forget the differences I might have had with my fellow dancers and just  have a blast on stage, and for once in my life, to dance just for the sake of having fun.  And might I add, all these objectives were fully achieved, oh yes! 
So I'd like to thank ALL the people who were a part of the piece, who made it a huge success! 
Sukriti, my fellow choreographer, you did a wonderful job! :)
And all the people who decided to let go of all their inhibitions and finally give dancing a shot, BIG HUG. 
Thank you Dipin for the concept, Vatsal for the Voice overs, and all of the other dancers, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, for putting up a great show! Love you guys! :')

PS. For those of you who're not my school mates, the last sequence is a dance piece which was taught to all of us by our school's dance teacher. As a matter of fact, it's been taught to almost EVERY batch of the school. And it was THE only song that we danced to for all our dance classes for I dunno how many years! It was our tribute to our dance teacher for teaching us the basics of dancing in our primary! :)

Will be back soon. Ciao! :)


  1. Helloooo :)

    Congrats on the half century and bhery naice blog:D

    Farewell..doesn't quiet fell like it,eh?

  2. My God!
    I Love the Post... <3
    nd though, we've had teenie differences earlier.. i love the fact that both of us have fallen in Love with each other soo soon!
    yes, i wanted to wall post it too!
    nd know what,
    EVERY BLOODY THING YOU WROTE UP THERE.. like every word.. is sooo true!
    nd the the stage thing, applies for me too!
    Love u Ru! :*

  3. @Baba Vaniteshwar. Thanks! =D Welcome to my Blog :) Ah. It sure did. We were just waaay too happy during the performance to let it show :/
    @Sukriti. Thanks babe! I am glad we did! <3 I love you too :*

  4. Haha sure you are PeaBee! =D

  5. 51st follower! :D

    Nice blog, btw! Keep writing.
    And all the best with your photography. I am also an amateur photographer. :)

    TakeCare. :)

  6. @Ajay. Thank you so much. Oh do post the link for some of your work here :)
    @Akanksha. Thank you =D

  7. Blog :

    More at :

    P.S. Not that good at photography though.

  8. Will check it out soon :) Thanks for dropping by! :)


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