Monday, 6 February 2012


Look at this! I mean just  LOOK AT THIS! Yay moment much? I most definitely think so =D
It's been a good week. I said Hello to my long lost friend, my dear old blog. It was just there, with it's arms wide open, waiting for me patiently, instantaneously forgiving me for having neglected it unintentionally. I wish people around me were like that too. The world would have been a much better place to live in :)
Soooo, yet again, as a part of Kanika's Fantabulous February exercise, I present to you, Denial :)
Yes, go on, look at me again. It'll be the perfect last ingredient in this cauldron of extreme awkwardness. Pour it in, nice and slow. Yes, I've caught you looking at me. Yet again. So don't try to make it seem as if you were suddenly exceptionally interested in that junk piece of art that Liz calls her masterpiece. Cause you and I both know how much we've bitched about it behind her back, sitting on that red couch, which you are single handedly occupying right now. But there was absolutely  no need to choose the spot farthest from where I was sitting sweetie cause let's face it, you might be across the room, but someone could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife. YOU, however, like always, would have a different explanation as to why our "friendship", if you could call it that anymore, at present is in complete contrast to that which we had two weeks back. "I just have a lot of work load at present". Seriously? That is the best you could come up with? You might as well have gone with "It's not you, it's me". It would have at least given me the opportunity to pretend that you really were the biggest moron in the history of the world, and that I had better things to do in life than to sit and watch and wait for you to finally put two and two together and accept the fact that you really were in love with me. Those furtive glances you've been shooting in my direction, yes that was number twenty three, how would you explain those then? Or those moments we spent at your place the other day? Or that walk in the rain? What we had between us then wasn't JUST "friendly" you know. The sparks that flew that night at Jo's party could have set the canopy he'd designed for the occasion on fire. And I am sure that stating that the kiss that happened later that night was just "something crazy and reckless that could happen with any two drunk people"  set your pants on fire, but even if it did, you'd find a way to look the other way anyway, right? Even if your ass looked like somebody's death pyre?
The truth is, you can't get yourself to believe that you cheated on her. Just like you refuse to believe that the love that you both so openly boasted about is gone, and that you're with her only because you don't know where else to go. Ignorance isn't always bliss,love. So I am going  to remain seated here, in this spot across the room, and wait for you to wake up from your reverie and realize, what I realized two weeks back. The signs have been gathering. Still not convinced?

Sooooo, what do you think about it? =D Batao batao, flood me with your suggestions and comments!
PS. The label should be "Fantabulous February", but I just don't know how to change the label now! Bleh! :(


  1. Haha hiii :)

    Ugh I hope you don't mind me saying this, WHATTAAYYJERK !

    There I said it.

    I think you deserve better than this.

    You know what ?
    Try making him even more uncomfortable just for the heck of sweet revenge :P

  2. Ayeeeee read the labels! This is fiction! =P
    Though the guy in the post most definitely is. There are a LOT OF guys like that. I am hoping atleast one of them reads this and realizes what a big jackass he is :)

  3. Haha don't worry. This tends to happen A LOT on my blog, for reasons I cannot possibly imagine. =P
    What we were discussing on your blog post, is what my RELATIONSHIP looks like at present!

  4. Y u no write more often??
    Loved it! =D

  5. Bantaaa! Will do! thank you :*

  6. Like I said, OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME! =D in that bitchy, unconventional, unpredictable way. :)

  7. People need to cling on to the last bit of sanity they have before they give in to what they think is mad. We spend more time thinking than doing what needs to be done sometimes. But I guess that just brings us to the juncture where we wouldn't regret our decision any more. Or maybe not. This could go either way.

    Again, awesome narrative. :)


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