Friday, 14 December 2012


You'd think I was rotting in the lowest pit of hell.
Fortunately, I've actually been bubbling at the bottom of a cauldron full of awesomeness. :D
Geez who am I kidding, my life absolfuckinglutely sucks.
Meet Ruhani C. 5'2[Don't roll your eyes, contrary to popular perception, I am NOT 4'2. -.-] Fair. Belonging to a Punjabi family settled in Delhi.
No I am not 25 and no I am not getting married. There is just nothing more to me than THIS anymore. "Happy Roo" is nothing short of a legend now, and the sound of my own laughter surprises me. I am easily confused, perennially frustrated, and surprisingly lonely for a person who is constantly surrounded by a hell lot of people. I isolate myself when in doubt, break things when I am pissed off, get nasty when preoccupied.
The end of the world, Y U NO COME ALREADY?
I am not the biggest fan of change, and everything around me is changing so rapidly, leaving me out of breath ,desperately trying to keep up. Old relationships crumbling, new ones disappointing me in every sense of the word. Breakdowns come to me as naturally as sneezing fits and their frequency is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

All those people who were insisting on me getting back on Blogger, not so happy about me getting back, are you now? :P
BUT having said all of that, I am going to be happy. This new person, I don't like her. Not one fucking bit. That happy-go-lucky person who didn't give a fuck about anything or anyone has got to get back, and that too with a with a BigBloodyBang! So I'm going to dance, and blog, and jog, and smile, and laugh, and chatter on, and do every single thing that I love to do. Every single thing that made me ME. So move over unsuccessful friendships, and unjust companions and terminated love stories. I may not have stability or love in my life right now, but I sure have hope in my heart. :)
Sitting, waiting, wishing.