Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Time-Traveler's Blogpost!

Dear 14/15 year old me,[Yes, I am talking to you, you freakshow. Don't try to pretend as if you don't fantasize about time travel when no one's looking!]
Since my salutation wasn't a THING like "dEeR 15 yEeR oLd Mah", you would have realized that a few years down the line you'll realize that "tYpiN' lyK dIz iZ NOT kEwL'. Seriously, not at all. Also, since this blog post was published at 2 in the night, you'll realize that you're not going to be the good girl forever and ever. In fact, you're going to end up becoming someone you never thought you would be. And that is not a good thing, trust me.
So here's a little heads up.
  • You can bask in the glory of being the school topper for as long as you want, for you will end up taking that luxury for granted a few years down the line, and end up becoming one of the least-scorers of your class. If you really REALLY wanna avoid that, try 
  1. Dropping the idea of engineering in the nearest wastepaper basket. And do ANYTHING but join FIITJEE. I mean sing Bring me to life[Evanescence. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it NOW. And for Christ's sake, drop that "Smack that" bullshit.]on a public platform and make a fool out of yourself, don't wear a skirt to school, pick up a fight with a ruffian. ANYTHING BUT FIITJEE. Mark my words. You'll just end up ridiculing the place after a few months on a wonderful thing called a BLOG.[ Read The B-4 Theory =P]
  2. Fuck Facebook. It'll ruin your life, kill your brain cells, and do anything but enhance your social life. The only thing you'll end up doing is upload pictures. And more pictures. And then you'll go ahead and upload some more. And after a while you'll be like "Whaaaa? 5,496 pictures? Holy mother of . . ."
  • Don't be the egoistic bitch and TALK to dad. He won't be around for very long. Or maybe, he will be, if you end up being a slightly better daughter. 
  • Don't go around crying over Mister A. He'll come around :) [PS. He loves you. Pssstt ;) ]
  • DO NOT date your best friend. You'll fuck up his life and yours, he'll eventually start ignoring you and you'll shed a hell lot of tears over  him.
  • DO NOT shed "a hell lot of tears" over anything/anyone. 
  • Don't try to "fit in". Or you're bound to find yourself doing that ^. That too, waay too often. Be yourself and stay with people who love you for who you are.[ Manasi, Nishtha , Khushali, Krittika(I'm sure that fuckhead is still in Delhi). HUG THEM. NOW.]
  • Dance as much as you can NOW. Cause there'll be a time when you'll be willing to trade your soul for a single dance performance. Be the adamant bitch and REFUSE to leave the academy despite any sort of parental pressure. Trust me, you won't regret it. 
  • You won't be the jhakaas tom boy that you are for very long. Waaaa :( Peer pressure, along with your hormones will make you quite similar to the kind of girls you joke about at present. No no NO, please don't try to commit suicide. I guess these are the kind of risks Dumbledore warns Hermione about in book three. That man's God. :') But you still won't be a part of the "Oooooh! Look at my GORJUSS red  nails",  or the"Oh aaimm geee. You know whaat?" species. Pardaay pardaay PARDAAY! *does the chicken dance*
However, there'll be few perks too. . .  :)
  • Your mother will soon let you get all sorts of beauty treatments [You know the drill] and so, you won't look like a mutant version of King Kong 2010 on wards. Really, how are you even alive with all those chunks of hair on your upper lip, arms, so on and so forth? 
  • You'll end up becoming quite a looker. LOL JK[ Even though I HATE using it, I know you do too. But the script demands it :-/ ] you just won't be Anil Kapoor's female counterpart. 
  • There will be a  total of SEVEN books in the Harry Potter series [YAY WOOPIE?]. And Voldy will go all moldy, Ron and Hermione would have some fun. They'll end up exploring each other's dungeons, if you know what I mean. Oh  wait, you don't. You're  not going to end up discussing sex jokes till 2011 or something.

  • Ze mother will FINALLY let you watch FRIENDS. Who am I kidding, you'll be watching it anyway, while she goes on and on about how it's ". . . not for your age" and how ". . . there's too much sex on it." That is exactly the reason why I'd advise you to not watch How I met your mother or 90210[Spoiler alert: It's shitty.] in her presence. FRIENDS is like Mickey Mouse Fun House in front of them.
  • There'll be people you'll thank God for. Trust them, stick to them, keep them close. They are here to stay [ You probably don't know Diwita, Nehaa, Gavin yet. They're awesome people. Awesome people who're probably smiling like lunatics if they're reading this]
  • There'll be a guy who'll love you more than you could possibly imagine. Admire him, respect him, appreciate his efforts. And reciprocate with equal fervor :) [You might want to believe a little more in Anmol. Just saying :) ]






Yeah yeah, get all happy and jump around =P
You're one lucky bitch, you know. I wish Me From 2020 had written a similar letter for me. I wouldn't have messed up my life so fucking badly then. . . .
Anyhoo, you be a good girl, study your ass off, love, live, laugh :) And whatever you do, don't lose your innocence. There's a big bad world out there, waiting to pull you in with all it's might. Let your innocence be your armor :)
Yes, it's time for me to mug, cry, sleep, eat, repeat. So I must take your leave.
I love you.[Not in a self absorbed, self-loving way] You make me wanna be YOU again.
-Ru <3

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  1. "you just won't be Anil Kapoor's female counterpart."- Hehhh xD

    And hell that WAS some time travel. Infact, that made me grin a whole lot, I'd have echoed a bunch of stuff from there, no alterations whatsoever. :)

    And the pictures.. Hah. I do that,too. Start from 2008 (literally flinch :P) and then breathe a sigh of normalcy by 2012.
    Parlors are fairy-machines, I say.

  2. Hahaha. Believe me. It is one hundred percent true =P
    I know I know. A lot of people have similar stories. 14/15 is an age when you've JUST begun to explore your individuality, so most kids are in situations like these.
    Haha their success story is published here, my friend! xD

  3. You remember when long back I said that we were like long lost sisters because we both look like chinks when we smile? I guess I was right and wrong, both about it. It just ain't the smile. It's almost all of it. From being a tom boy to a breath taking beauty(which you definitely are) to making disastrous mistakes to being the same you even if the world turns their back towards you to still having those people who genuinely love you. The picture of yours which I clicked where you wore the rainbow-shades-wearing-skull pajamas, i said I see a great deal of my old self in you. I guess I saw it pretty much earlier. Hearing or watching or even reading your damn blog posts is like listening to all the things inside my head which I never had the guts to say or share with people. Damn it Ruhaa, you're the only person after Jai who makes me cry and smile a whole big wide smile at the same time and even make ME confess that I was crying. I really want to thank you for this post. It made me feel alive and regressive all over again. I never thought that a girl whom I used to see every Sunday at physics class would turn out to be someone I would really treasure having.:* Gosh I'm really getting good at confessing.=P
    P.S. Padle! Fail ho jaegi.

  4. Hahaha what a beauty :O

    Transformation :O

    14-15 is such an uncomfortable age to be in. The hormones are raging.

    I love this time travel thing :)

    && All the best (Y)
    Do well, beautiful :)

  5. @Aka. Woaaah. Long LONG comment :O Kya ho gaya beta, itna emotion? =P
    Haha that's great babe! And I am glad I made you smile, but not that I made you cry. Keep smiling love, you look beautiful when you do :)
    And nahi padha jaa raha hai yaar :/
    @Vidhi.Haha thaank you =D And Hahaha yeah sort of =P
    Yeah you should try it out too! Loads of fun trying to remember what you were like 4-5 years ago :)
    Thank you so much :)

  6. P.s- Guess who found inspiration and finally wrote?
    I'm emotional here :')

  7. Yaaay! Going to check out your blog NOW =D

  8. PS. I is lucky. I am telling ya, I is. =D

  9. I'm going to nod my head like a happy child and offer you my new crayons before I use them =)

  10. Haha yay woopie! I love new crayons! They're all sharp and pointy and using them for the first time makes everything look fresh and bright! You have officially made my day, lady! =D

  11. I owe you that much, what with the playing around with the universe and all that jazz ;)

  12. I loved this post! Heck, I like any post with a good Harry Potter reference! :D
    (Except, Harry didnt even know he was a wizard when he was 10!)
    Sooo, yeah but anyway it was VERY interesting to read it and in some bits i was smiling, grinning and in some I was kinda mopey. Although i couldnt really identify with all of it, i guess we've had different journeys maybe?
    And you're sooo pretty! And awesome! :D
    Haha and it just made me realise that Ive known you for a very long time :P
    I hope to try writing something like this soon! When i get the time. Grrhhh. :(

  13. @Nil. Hah you bet! =D
    @Banta. HarryPotterLoversForLife <3
    Oh yeah. How could I miss that? :O :O
    Yes ofcourse! Since the past 14 years lady! That's a long time! :) Please do! I miss your blog so freaking much :(

  14. I'll update soon! I hope :/
    Oh and here's another such letter from a blog I follow :
    Thought you might want to add to the footnote :)

  15. OMFG! DUDE. DUDE. DUDE. J K Rowling's writing another book!! Thats going to be released some time in late 2012! :O
    Now toh the world BETTER not end in december.

  16. What the bloody fuck? Are you sure? Who told you? :O

  17. I follow her on Twitter! She tweeted so herself! Today!

  18. Twitter :S Anyhoo, you keep me updated with the latest stuff regarding her book, theek aache?

  19. Wow, i totally love/ hate the idea of growing up. I mean, what the heck right? You grow up and then you realize all this while....hahhahah,oh well, i LOVED the post. Ain't Harry Potter like the thing of our times? Its like The Doors of my dad's time..... But the doors was cooler.
    And falling for your best friend, well not the best idea .....sigh...lovely post!

  20. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yes! I was(still am) grinning like an idiot and proud of it! :D

    Absolutely LOVE-TO-DEATH wala post hai yeh!! Brilliant!!!

    Were you always such an adorable puchu??? :*

    IloveYOU and your awe-fucking-some writing!!!!

    *BIG HUG*

  21. @Tangerine. Yuss! It's changed our lives in so many ways, that we don't even fully understand the extent to which it's shaped up our childhood, and well, beyond that :)
    TRUST ME, it's not. And it's worst when you only THINK you've fallen for him/her, and then you realize you haven't and all hell breaks loose! :/
    @Diwi. Diwaaay :* I knew it! =D Ah. Ab main khud ki taareef kaise karun? =P But on a more serious note, yes I was =P
    I love you tooo! Bigger hug! <3

  22. Haha! This is really cool. Specially, the part about being Anil Kapoor's female counterpart. :P
    I'm stealing the idea. :D
    It REALLY wants to make me write about certain things. ;)

    Btw, The transition from 2008 to 2012. RUHANI CHOPRA. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. :')

  23. Stealing what? =P But Joyee, you ARE 14/15 =P Haha thank you =D

  24. And you mean it really MAKES you WANT to write about certain things? =P

  25. hahahahha.....that ^^ is it just that u stole the words from my mind?
    oh and did i tell u? U look like a stunner :)

  26. Oh my! First off, I love all the colour on this blog. Secondly, totally awesome letter that was. I mean, really! That series of photographs is so brill! :D But seriously, 2008-you is also real pretty! :) Those salon people had a lot more to work with than they'd have with me, for example. :D And yes, we are officially the Harry Potter generation. I feel such pity for the Twi-hards. It is infinitely cooler to be a Potter-head man! :)

  27. @Tangerine. Gosh! Big compliment! =D *Grins from ear to ear*
    @Tangled up in Blue. Thank you! =D I like to make my blog a happy place in every way possible! ALSO, I want it to reflect who I really am, hence all the color! =D
    Well, thank you! Though maybe you forgot to add NERDY *cough cough* ;)
    I know right? =D It's a masterpiece, with an incredible amount of detailing! I have nothing but respect for JKR, man :')

  28. This is lovely! Your blog is amazing. I LOVE the pictures of you getting older, and you've become such a gorgeous young woman!

  29. Oh WOW! You have such a prettttyyy smile!!!! :) :) :) :)

    And PotterHeadForLife hell yeah! (I got proposed to with a snitch.. hehehe :P)

    Falling for your best friend. Ugh. Not good. So not good. I like it the other way round' - someone you fall for becomes your best friend eventually! :) Thats nicer isnt it?

    I gave JEE just for the heck of it (because Mom badgered me to death about it :P) and CLEARED! :P And then I actually SLEPT through the Mains. It was awesome, the smart ones all stared at me like I was some kind of a alien! :P :P Seems like such a long long time ago now.. :)


  30. @Sarah. Welcome to my blog, Sarah! =D Haha thank you so much! =D <3
    @IceMaiden. Thankyouu =D
    YOU DID? I know it's sort of personal, but if it's cool I'd LOVE to know how? :O
    I agree, I most definitely do. Sigh. Thankfully, I am experiencing the latter now :)
    Haha I refused to even fill the form for the goddamned pape. There was no way on Earth I was willing to waste 7 hours of my life on it! =P

  31. Hehe! :) It is on the blog, in the post Did A Saathiya. :)

  32. What the hell ya?! I had posted a comment earlier but it seems to have vanished :|

    Anyhooo, ROOOOOO! I laaaav youu. Chillax bruh mai hoon na! Hahaha. Idiot. You're the sweetest you vegetarian piece of poop.
    I'll be there for you. Always. :)

  33. I am 15 :P
    I'll be stealing this idea till the next 3 years ;)

  34. @IceMaiden. Read it. You're my idle now, I swear you are :O
    @Gav. GAVAAY I LAAUVE YOU TOO! Haha look who's talking of vegetarianism =P I know babe, I know :) :*
    @Joyee. Haha alrighty then lady! ;)

  35. You know you're an awesome friend to have right? <3

    I love the blog as usual! I think we had the best time when we were 13-15 years! I miss those days! I really do :(
    ANYHOO, Keep writing! AND Keep smiling Ru! <3

    Your Bestest-est Friend in the WORLD :D<3

    1. Haha is this you? IS IT? I am still in shock =P
      But on a more serious note, so are you, babe :*
      And *Blogpost, yaar! =P I agree, I totally too. I wish we could go back in time and relive all those moments..
      Will do! :*
      I love you <3

  36. I should have done something like this. Maybe I'll write a 21 year old me a letter. I better invent time travelling first. Cheers. Lovely post. :)

    1. How old are you now? :O

    2. Whoops. I meant 12. I am 21 now. Almost 22, actually. I guess that's what I was thinking about; going into the future and writing myself a letter. NICE. Probably because of what I was writing. :P

    3. Yes. THAT. Bloody brilliant stuff. :O


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