Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The tables have turned.

Timid, tactful, yet always unsure of his own actions, he was reticence personified.
Loud, righteous, indignant, yet self absorbed in every way, you were in complete contrast.
Like a dark cloud, you hovered over his life.Watching over his decisions, never letting him escape from your iron grip. You ensured that he never tasted emancipation.Never caught a glimpse of liberation.
Being the hypocrite that you are, you buried your own follies under layers of lies and senseless justifications.
Yet he never questioned your authority, doubted your advice. He accepted your harsh criticism, without further argument. You took "taking for granted" to another level,but to maintain peace,he never contradicted your judgement.
But now, the tables have turned, the roles have reversed. And as you stand here, wondering what could have brought about the sudden outburst, you must know for a fact that your definition of "sudden" is horribly distorted. Or maybe you're way too vain to admit that this timid, tactful, reticent person you thought you loved, but actually controlled, has indeed decided to give you a dose of your own medicine. 
So instead of standing here, with your jaw reaching out for the floor, why don't you push your vanity aside for a while and finally ACCEPT. He's the volcano you thought would never erupt, babe, and he's on his way to wash away every trace of your existence from his life. 

I know  A LOT of people who are involved in relationships like this one, both guys and girls. Here's hoping that if your "better" half is reading this, he or she realizes that it's high time his/her equally wonderful half received their share of admiration and appreciation :)

Fantabulous February, Day 15 :)


  1. Just felt like telling you, I love you.

  2. I'm, both literally and figuratively, out of words. I'd been thinking since my last post for something like this to be the next point of discussion. Guess you did it first. I like your interpretation of the picture. :*

  3. I just discovered your blog! :O
    Why didn't you tell me about it earlier?
    Thanks babe :)

  4. I know you're talking about rather personal relationships, but this made me thing of an eccentric scientist and his human guinea pig. :-/
    Now don't call me strange, because I'm weird. I know.
    Nice read, of course. And point duly noted, though not required. :P

  5. Umm Why what? Which part? o_O


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