Sunday, 22 January 2012

And you'll always be my hero. Even though you've lost your mind.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Puppy Love :)

Hola Pepola!
Yes, I stole Suhasini's signature informal salutation,  and no I'm not proud of it. And well yes, originality isn't really my thing at this point of time in life. FML. Board exams can go fuck themselves for all I care, I'm sick of sulking and crying and cribbing about how I am going to be royally screwed, starting first of March. So no, I'm not sitting around trying to finish up a damned chapter of our beloved mathematics before I sleep, I'm experimenting with my cameraaaa. Damn, the joy that little(well technically, not SO little) piece of metal fills me with! I want to learn so much, explore so much, but well, who's got the time? :-/ Anywaay, this other day me and Ze boyfriend came across a litter of puppies in a nearby park, and AWW, they make me wish I was a bitch. =P I don't care if that sounded all wrong, THEY WERE WAAY TOO ADORABLE.  Imma share some of the pictures that I clicked :)

Well, they're not exactly JUST about puppies, but they weren't exactly the only adorable things around that time ;) Also, I tried my hand at Adobe Lightroom. I don't know why I keep calling it LIGHTHOUSE all the time, though :O
ALSO, I want a nose piercing so bloody badly. Waaa :( Okay I'm just being random now, I should probably go =P
Bye all!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I'm alive. Damn.


Yes, after MONTHS I am finally gonna post something, and this is all I have to say. Bummer.
OR maybe more. Lets' see where minding typelessly could possibly lead. So I visited my blog after like the longest time possible and found out that I had 44 followers. Wow. The last time I looked, they were probably 30 or something. It makes me wonder whether people actually found a sneak peak into my life interesting. It made me realize that well, atleast till like a few months back, I was a happy person who did what she liked, what she loved, and what her instincts asked her to do. But my life NOW is overshadowed by fear, regret and hopelessness. I haven't blogged in months, I don't remember the last time I actually danced my heart out,laughed my ass off, genuinely. I don't remember the last time my smile reached my eyes,the last time I told myself "Yes. I'm proud of myself. Because I'm crazy. I'm a child with unbounded energy. And hell, I'm free!". It feels as if everything, everyone is holding me back. I want to be ME. Please let me be?
With a lump in my throat, I'm finally going to admit. Yes I am a sciencee. And I no more have a life.

PS. On re-reading the entire thing, I realized that in the second line, "minding typelessly" should have actually been "typing mindlessly". But I let it be, nevertheless. So that months later, when I am reading this post, I am reminded of  my state of mind on the 4th of January,2012 :)