Friday, 15 July 2011

I Hate You(And I definitely don't love you)

Hatred. It's a powerful emotion indeed. It consumes you,takes over your soul, messes up with your mind. You lose your ability to make rational decisions.It's destructive, yet unavoidable.
I had never felt so much hatred in my life before. In fact, when I look back upon my life, I don't think I ever hated someone with so much intensity. So much that my blood boiled at the mere mention of The Name. I clenched my fists on seeing The Face. I cursed myself for ever setting my eyes on anything that reminded me of That Person. I let the hatred rule over my life, my relationships, my thoughts and my actions.I had always been a pragmatic individual. Most of the things I did or said were carefully calculated. I wasn't one of those impulsive, aggressive, easily driven by hormones sort of a person. Known for my timidity and tact, I was one of the last people to ever get into a fight or lose my temper. Till That Person came along. And my life took a 180 degrees turn. All I could do was sit and watch in silent horror as I let all the relationships in my life slowly and painfully crumble before my eyes. All I could do was sit and watch. Today, I'm a loner. I regret, I repent, yet I'm unable to relinquish all that hatred which is till captured inside my heart like a caged bird, desperate for freedom. I've been deserted by all those who cared, all those who loved me, yet the suppressed frustration and rage lingers.Hatred consumes. It kills.

This is a work of fiction as the people who know me would have guessed by now, considering I am ANYTHING but timid and tactful :P

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dilli 6 :)

And I had never been to Old Delhi. EVER. Loads of people found that shocking, even distressing. I never understood why. Till the time I actually got the opportunity to know that place, in the limited time that I had. Here are some pictures from the day at Chandani Chowk. I shall let them do the talking and be back with something to say sometime later :)

Sis Ganj Gurudwara

The Red Fort :)

Karims sure isn't any fun for the
vegetarians like me :P

The Jama Masjid :)

Fly away,birdies!

The Floor of the masjid

Because we love to pose :P

A moment of quiet introspection..

The colorful,crowded streets :)