Hello! The brain behind this blog is Ruhani Chopra [That's me, yes.] 18 years old, tiny[5'2. THAT'S IT. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT. -.-], hyperactive, random, rebellious, irritating, erratic, loud, loony. And a lot of other things that you'll probably figure out on your own if you're one of my loyal followers. And if you're not, well then, what can I possibly say, JOIN THEM![You know  you want to]

This is my personal space where I ramble, rant and write about the world as I see it :) The views expressed here are MINE and nobody else's, and the work here is also mine so before you even think of stealing something[Not that I think any of it is good enough to be stolen. Or maybe this is just me being modest. Or is it?] you should know that I am not the sort of person you'd want to piss off. There, now you know another thing about me :)

Soo, I am a sort of person who..
--> Considers dance as something which is BEYOND a passion.
--> Loves to read.
--> Loves to listen to music.
--> Loves theater.
--> Loves to chit chat/hang out with her friends.
--> Loves to travel.
--> Loves her Blog.
--> Loves people who comment on her blog posts. [You'd want to be in my good books, macha!]
--> Enjoys shopping[Oh hell, WHO DOESN'T?]
--> Enjoys writing :)
--> Likes square brackets more than round brackets[As you would have noticed. Teehee.]
--> For those who want to know MORE about me, I'd advise you to read my post called "50 Random Things". Those of  you who don't appreciate randomness so much[Seriously, WHY ARE YOU ALIVE? :O],  can skip it.

^ That's me. I'm awesome[Bitch please, I totally am. B) ]

Hope to see you around! Ciao! :)

No trees, animals or birds were harmed  while working on this blog. A few idiots might have been.


  1. hahahahahaha! Such a puchu you are!

    And oh! I way beyond just love the picture! :*

  2. Dancing scares me. :O
    Will be in your good books, macha. :)
    And nice picture. :)

  3. wowww hahaha... awesome unique one!!! loved the blog :) as well as you :)

  4. 5'2"? Damn! You too are taller than me. :(

  5. Hi Ruhani.
    I visited your blog, specially photography sections and other's latest post.
    it's really good and some of the photographs are really worth than millions words.
    and yes of-course 5"2 is enough short :)
    but I have suggestion, background of the blog and color of fonts and others etc. is very hard to read, I think you should change to more soothing color so that it's easy to read.


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