Friday, 23 March 2012

After Boards To Do List.

They end. Tomorrow.

And hence, I decided to make an "After Boards to do list", in case I become a lazy jackass in a month's time and forget all about the awesome things I had wanted to do in the MIDDLE of the goddamn Boards.
But before that, beware, IMMENSELY GIRLY POST AHEAD. So if you're going to end up rolling your eyes by the end of it, well then I suggest you don't proceed at all! =P

So well, here it goes.
I need to . . . .
1. Work my ass off during the Architecture crash course. [I am REALLY excited about them. teehee. =D]
2. Nail the entrance exams and get into SPA. [ Dream College <3 ]
3. Get a nose piercing. [I plan to get one tomorrow itself. Will post picture as soon as the task is accomplished. Weeee =D ]
4. Get a Canon 550D [ Well it's a teary eyed buh-bye to Nikon! :| Oh and if any of you know a place where I could get it for around 35 or 36k, LET ME KNOW. ]
5. Get a Tripod.
6. Get a 50mm AND an 18-135. [ Mommy is NOT going to be happy about this =P ]
7. Learn as much stuff as possible from Aryaman. The guy's a genius! :O
8. Explore Delhi. Literally. Visit all the historical sites. Spend most of my time in Hauz Khas.
9. Explore Delhi's FOOD.
10. LOSE WEIGHT. Fit into my old clothes again :| Not look like a buffalo stuffed into a pair of shorts!
11. Buy a white dress. Plain. White. Beautiful. [ In case any of
     you wish to gift it to me, you're most welcome to do so! =P ]
12. Buy a pair of red heels.
13. WEAR the heels that I already have.
14. Go shopping. [Multiple trips to Sarojini and Janpath DESPERATELY needed! ]
15. Learn how to print T-shirts. Print the Homer T shirt I've always wanted and could never find anywhere. [ In case any of you know about any printing techniques, lemme know!]
16. Join Ballet classes. ASAP.
17. Finish off Gav's birthday gift.
18. Plan out Nehaa, Manasi and Dipin's birthday gifts.
19. Use the damn Siri Fort membership.
20. Start painting again.
21. Learn how to drive. Convince mother dearest to get a green Honda Brio [I find that car really cute somehow.]
22. Learn how to use Photoshop.
23. Host/plan multiple reunion parties. Including one for ex-FIITJEE mates, friends from Junior school, people I met in AVTE/Kapurs, and so on and so forth.
And lastly, 24. HOST MIND-BLOWING MAY! Woohoo! =D

I will keep striking off stuff from the list. I've always wanted to do that, somehow! Yes, I am a weird person!
Anyhoo, wish me luck for tomorrow fellas! Here I come, Mathematics! :|

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Move over Tendulkar, stop stealing my thunder! =P

This feels pretty damn awesome, oh yes it does! =D And before I slip into the "it feels like just yesterday..." mode, I'd like to welcome SOUMYA, my 100th follower, to my blog! [You can check out her blog here! :) ]. I is loving this, oh I most definitely is! =D
Oh and I'd also like to congratulate my fellow blogger NG for HIS century! :)
It's funny how a few days back I was almost determined to give up blogging all together because of something I read around here. Even though it wasn't much compared to what I have heard people say about me at times[which I wouldn't really classify as pleasant, as you would have guessed by now], it sort of stuck around in my head and I couldn't get myself to write anything at all in here. I was all set to write the final part of the story we had spun together, BUT I was so discouraged that I just let it be and the momentum sort of slipped away. And for THAT I'd really like to apologize to all those WONDERFUL people who took part in the Spin-A-Yarn exercise. You guys were GREAT and I'm really looking forward to doing this again sometime! :) [Sometime here is another word for "After my board exams". Pity, I know]. So hey, I'm proud to announce that SEVEN people together wrote a short story in bits and pieces and from different perspectives. Cheers! =D
And hence I present to you,
By Ruhani, Diwita, Akanksha, D2, NG, Ashzzes and Joyee! :)
and  Part VIII shall be added here ASAP, and that's a promise! :)

For the second exercise, I thought that maybe we could ONLY stick to the "Different Perspectives" thing, what do you say?[ Thank you for the idea, PeaBee :* ] For instance, if I write the first post, we could all try looking at the scenario from the perspective of every animate or inanimate element involved. SO by the end, we would have the same scene in front of us from every possible view point! Whatcha say? =D Can we do this? *closes eyes and prays for an equally fantastic response as the one she got last time*
PS. No matter what the title of this post says, TENDULKAR IS GOD. Period.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sitting, waiting, wishing.

Sitting on the front porch on a moderately cool winter evening, she couldn't help but wonder why she wasn't sitting inside, battling with Newton's postulates, or making love to trigonometric ratios. And though she really couldn't answer the question she had raised in her own head, she realized that one question had encouraged several others to crop up in her mind which was already cramped with chemical equations and mathematical identities.
Now that the protective walls of scholastic learning had fallen all around her, she was exposed to a world unknown to her in several ways, a world which scared the beejesus out of her. Not because she was afraid of what lay out there, but because she couldn't come to terms with what lay out there for HER. She knew she hadn't worked as hard as her peers, had watched American sitcoms while the rest of the batch tried to get into reputed American Universities, had day dreamed of Ballet classes, while her friends struggled to attend revision classes. She knew there wasn't much that she could expect from her mark sheet. But was the mark sheet the sole decision maker of her fate? Would the mark sheet decide whether was to lead a blissful existence or be looked down upon by society?Would it decide that by the end of the day, had she emerged a glorious winner or a big fat loser?All her life she had waited for the time when she would be able to step out of the safe boundaries of her home away from home. Se had loathed it with all her might. But now all of a sudden, she wasn't willing to let go. Not so easily. Not because she was afraid of embracing freedom. But because she was afraid of that sheet of paper that would make or break her.
 Sitting on her front porch on a cool winter evening, she couldn't help but wonder whether her talents and passions would count at all in the big bad world outside. Whether she should have  befriended Rutherford and Pythagoras instead of the long list of friends she was so proud of. And then, it didn't matter anymore. Cause she didn't have to  worry about all of that right  now. All she needed to do was finish a chapter of organic chemistry before dinner.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


"It's just a phone"
"It's awesome"
"It's just a phone"
"WOAH. WHY does her BBM status say DMFL? WHO IS DM?
"Does it look like I care?"
"Ugh! You're just jealous because you don't have a Blackberry!"

You have it. She has it. He has it. Every freaking person has it. And this is why Blackberrys have been annoying the shit out of me for a very long time now :

1. People are CONSTANTLY putting up statuses on Facebook on the lines of  "BBM Pin- FalanaDhimkana57" Not only that, I suddenly have EVENT INVITATIONS for adding people on BBM. What is happening to you, world? :O

2. Kids HALF my age have Blackberry phones. I mean the chunnus, the munnus, even the chotus. Because hey, in this day and age, kids haven't even hit puberty, but hey, they sure have a business phone. Which brings me to the million dollar question -WHAT DO KIDS NEED BUSINESS PHONES FOR? :O Enlighten me, someone? And then of course, coming back to Facebook, how can I possibly ignore the "OH AIMM GEE! I am so happy! Thank you for gifting me the Blackberry daddy! I love you :**** " statuses? Yes kid, the daddy you just screamed your lungs at till he bought that piece of scrap metal for you loves you too.

3. MUNCHING. I know taking screen shots can be fun[hell, haven't you seen my "EEEE! I have this many followers now! =D" posts yet?] But seriously, the world DOES NOT want to know about the random conversation you had with so and so person. And no, I did not find that excerpt from your mundane conversation minutely funny, I don't know how you did. Some of them could be interesting yes, but kindly clarify how . . . .
ABC : So . . . sup?
XYZ : Nothing I'm just celebrating a holi day.
ABC : HOLI? This time of the year?
XYZ : Abbey HOLIDAY! Chhutti!
ABC : Ohh. Why did you leave a space between the two words then? ROFLMAO.

. . .  would be the first thing I'd want to see when I log in after slogging my ass off, trying to learn the principle behind the Van De Graff generator? Go on, tell me?

4. BBM DPs.
"Omg! I am with my bee aiff aiff!"
"Omg! I am at the Justin Beiber concert"
"Omg I'm in the loo!"
Well frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. PLUS, you'd be surprised to hear these are considerably tolerable in comparison to what's coming next . . .
"Omg! I am supporting Anna Hazare! Wooohoo. Anna you're the dude! (y)
Shows two women pouting away to glory while the seriously interested folks shoot disgusted looks in their direction.
Ladies, you don't know the first thing about protest marches,do you? Well it starts with,umm I don't know, leaving your phones behind and fighting for the cause instead.

I believe Blackberrys are hyped beyond comparison. Here's why :
1. Sucky memory space.
2. Suck-ier camera.
3.Bid farewell to your beloved cellphone games. Go ahead, say buh bye?
4. Costs you ATLEAST 400 bucks for BBM+internet.
    On the other hand on a normal Nokia handset, Rs. 98-----> Whatsapp+Internet.
5. With all this shit, you'd think it'd cost you a little less. But no my dear cupcakes, you are highly mistaken.

At the rate at which people are buying them,soon the sabzi wala will be found flaunting one, making important calls and sending e-mails to his business associates at the mandi. And no fellas, this is not me being a bitch who's trying to imply that sabzi walas should not be in possession of cellphones. This is just me, being immensely sarcastic.
I still insist, this is a conspiracy against humanity. We're just making it easier for whichever cult or secret society or well,little green men aiding these operations, to control us. One little glitch and the entire world's cellphones will be as good as scrap pieces of metal from the junkyard.And then, the onslaught will commence. . . .
Having said all this, I am well aware of the fact that once this faithful friend of mine retires and a choice is given to me, with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I will be found pointing at that little black box in my nearest cellphone store. Well you read the "About me" section alright, hypocrite and not proud of it! Damn you, freaking peer pressure! And sorry, other better, much deserving phones. You are exceptionally talented, well endowed. But you see, I am yet another sheep of the herd controlled by a canadian company[If I were Barney, I'd be ashamed of myself] So tada to you better cameras, better memory space, better battery lives, clearer screens and hello to the menace which has been imposed on me by societal pressure.
For as a wise man[Read: My boyfriend] once rightly said "Oh you will most definitely get a Blackberry Ruhani. The question is WHEN."

Yours sincerely and tear eyed-ly[Yes, I just made that word up. Creative liberties FTW.]

The opinions expressed here are of yours truly. This post wasn't written to offend any individual or group.But 14 year old if you're reading this and you have a Blackberry, it sure in hell was written to offend you.

Monday, 12 March 2012

It's me again! =D


I love chem, oh yes I do.
BUT, I wish I had studied :| 90 toh ab nahi ayenge boss :|
PLUS, P-D-F Block elements you suck balls! [Pardon the language]
I swear ..
. . . . . Kar ke rakh di hai! :@

But then of course, I don't really care because.  . . .

. . . . THERE ARE NINETY PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO'D LIKE TO LISTEN TO ME BLABBERING ABOUT ANYTHING ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! WOOOHOOOO! Not many people get that sort of affection, ya know! *dignified expression* 
So hey you absolutely awesome ninety people out there, wish me luck, eh? ;)
Roopmanjari, you're the (Wo)man, bro! :* Sigh. Childhood friends always end up being the reason for my happiness in one way or the other :)

And before I forget, WHAT HAPPENED TO SPIN-A -YARN? :O [I'm talking about this and this] Why you no send me links no more? :(  
You know, if you don't want to, that's a different story . . . :( [I was always the Big-Badass-Blackmailing-bitch, oh yes I was! =P]
On a more serious note, do let me know if any of you want to write a sequel, cause otherwise I'll be writing the end of the story real soon! AND then starting off with a fresh new story for our exercise! Excited much? I know I am =D I'm trying to play around with a few ideas, and will let you know soon enough.
Till then, Ciao! :*

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I can smell random-ness in the air.

Yo machas! =D
Day three and we already have SIX posts in the Spin-A-Yarn exercise! Woohoo! =D
[You can read up about spin a yarn here and here. AND follow up the previous, and the most important post HERE]
We finally have a PART SIX friends, written by Ashzess HERE. =D
All you dormant participants, this is your chance. Part Seven, anyone? =D

AND, I just wanted to share this. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. This is pure,unadulterated randomness for you, machas! =D

ALSO, while I'm at it, I think I am going to share this.

Another three days before they release the new episode of HIMYM. BAH. :| 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spin-A-Yarn.[The Introduction]- The Journals. *Updated*

It's here fellas! My very first contribution to the exercise. [Again, if you feel like a lost puppy in the woods, read up about the exercise here and here.] I penned this down at 5 a.m in the morning today, so if you're disappointed, don't show it! =P Eagerly awaiting the sequel to this post. ALREADY. *nervous shiver*

They had witnessed confusion. They had witnessed destruction. And they were the silent spectators of inexplicable bliss. Surrounded by a musty aroma, which undeniable emitted from the thousands of pages that they secured and bound together, they now lay in front of him on the ancient oakwood table, in all their splendor. They smelt different;they smelt wonderful, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Eventually, he concluded that it was vanilla like, with a tinge of fruity almond. This explanation satisfied him, though a part of him toyed with "woody fruitiness" for a while.
They sat all proud on the table, in an almost worldly wise fashion. The golden letters, which had once adorned the the leather binding, had faded away to an almost unrecognizable extent, and the peeling edges spoke volumes about their loyalty, for they had been his closest confidantes, for twenty six thousand two hundred and eighty eight days of his existence. They had witnessed the edges of his beauty, and eventually, his sanity peel off. 
The pages, they held a lifetime. They boasted of his magnificent rise, they bemoaned his tragic fall. Those pages which smelt of vanilla scented wood, held sagas of unsolved mysteries and countless secrets. They spoke of his companions. They talked of his enigmatic lineage. But most importantly, they talked of HER.

Source: Google

Come on, tell me what's on your mind! QUICK! :)
PS. Soumi, I tried to make it as non mushy as possible ;) Hope I lived up to your expectations! :)


Great response on the first day itself! =D 
But guys here's a thing, the title of your post doesn't necessarily have to be the same as mine! Just thought I'd clarify that, since I gave the title no thought whatsoever and just blankly wrote "The Journals" =P You can experiment with YOUR titles if you want to, since it won't be the title of the entire story[That we'll decide once we're done with the ENTIRE story!] But if you don't want to, well then just let it be! =P
Anyhooo, Akanksha wrote PART II.
And Diwita wrote PART III
Wonderful work guys! :) You are loved! :*
ALSO, whoever's writing part IV, let's take a step ahead? My advice-Take the story forward and don't stick to journals so much[We can come back to them towards the end or something]
Again, eagerly awaiting Part IV! Love you guys! =D


I am back guys! That's because NG has already penned down the fabulous Part IV to this story! :) 
ALSO, we should all thank him for making a proper Google Document for those of you who'd want to read the entire story in a flow later on! The Document is in here. Brilliant job done, NG! :)

This is making me greedy. Part V, anyone? =D

And guys whenever you write a piece, make sure you post your link as a comment under this, as well as under the post of the person from whom you'll be taking charge. Makes it easier for me to put your link in here! Love! :*


Guys! Joyee at Bittersweet Symphony has written an Alternative Part IV! So whoever plans to write part V, you now have an option between two incredibly well written, and very different prequels! Choose well, it will determine where this story actually goes! :)
Again guys, let's not forget the "Call dibs system". Make sure before you start writing, you let the other bloggers know by posting a comment under this post so that there are no clashes! Soooo, Part V? =D


I am sooo happy! Such a great response on the first day itself! =D D2 has already written PART V
Way to go guys! =D 
Again, I'd like to remind everyone about the Dibs system. Happy writing, guys! =D
Eagerly awaiting the Grand PART SIX now! =D [Whoever does it, CALL DIBS FIRST =P]

Oh mighty Writer's Block, thou art sucky.

Kill me. Kill me now.
I've been trying to find something. ANYTHING that would serve as an inspiration for the first post for our very first venture as a team of authors. Sounds all grand, eh? =D [Feel lost? Can't figure out what I am talking about? New in here? Haven't been a loyal follower? Do your homework by reading this up!]  But but BUT it's really not that easy, and I can feel myself buckling under the pressure of producing something which would truly inspire my fellow writers :| 9th March'12 is my deadline, and I will hopefully be ready with something decent enough.
So anyhoo, the people who signed up for this exercise[I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM] are:
1. Joyee
2. PeaBee
3. Diwita
4. Aakriti
5. Baba Vaniteshwar
6. Soumi
7. Akanksha
8. NG
9. D2
And the people who MIGHT [Oh come one, change your mind?] join us are:
1. Sam B
2. Raj
3. Tangerine
4. Ajay
5. Nil
However, if your name isn't on this list, wipe those tears, cause you're free to join, whenever you want! Even in the middle of the exercise! :)

PLUS, we still haven't come up with a cool enough name for the exercise, fellas! :| Help me out in here, someone? Or do you want to stick to the traditional "Spin-A-Yarn"? If you have something on your mind, now would be the time to spit it out! =P

The rules[There are hardly any] are these:
1. In order to be able to write a sequel to a post, one must call dibs on it! [Yeah, it's a little immature, but I'm still an 18 year old girl, remember? Stop judging me! =P] OR beg/fight with the one who claimed it before you did. =P [You know I'm kidding. YOU KNOW IT]

2. Before you write your piece, post the link of the very first post, as well as the previous one, so that your readers aren't left all baffled. [Before bole toh, right on the top]

3. TRY to add a picture to the piece. [Pictures make them feel a little more alive, don't you think?]. But make sure the credits are duly given. [Be it Google,Tumblrr, Flickr, a friend's photography page, or your own work]

4. Try to maintain consistency.

That's it, I couldn't think of any other rules. I tried though, I assure you. But it's best if the least possible restrictions are placed.

Okay, that's it for now. Will be back tomorrow [hopefully] with the very first post of this exercise *Wipes sweat from forehead*

And before I forget, welcome to my blog Revacious, my 80th follower! :) [You can check out her blog here]

Monday, 5 March 2012

Okay, here's the thing.

Yellow all! =)
Thank you SO much for all the wishes on the previous post. I love you guyss :* BUT, here's your "To do List" for today.
1. Don't ask me how it was.

Yes I guess that's all. [Ps. If anyone has any idea about the compartment exams and shit, I'll be the one you'll need to contact, oh yes.]
But then I guess at times it's a disaster that actually inspires one. Here's what I came up with during the physics exam today. [Oh spare me the "WHAT? And you weren't concentrating on the paper?!" thing. Bitch please, I was totally done and over with it an hour in advance. And no, not in a good way.] SO I hope you guys know about Kanika's Fantabulous February which was a HUGE success to say the least[Even though it's over, you can go check out the posts. I participated in as many as I could with ardent enthusiasm *pats self on the back*] and while Soumi is the proud moderator of Memorable March, BluBluBling will be taking over from her for her birthday month, that is April, and THEN *hold your breath fellas*, MIND-BLOWING MAY will be moderated by yours truly. A round of applause please! No? Alrighty then :|
SO getting back to the point, I sort of had an idea for something before I become the moderator for May. Remember school? And the games they made you play in the English class[And no, I do not mean Hangman]. REMEMBER SPIN A YARN? Yes yes, I know you smartasses have figured out where I am getting with this, however, here's my formal proposal[Go on, blush and all].
Why don't we pick up an exercise where fellow bloggers come together and weave an entire story in bits and pieces, each one making a contribution whenever they feel comfortable? For instance, if I am the one who writes a short piece, and if any of you think you would want to write a sequel to it, join in? And if anyone feels THEY can write a sequel to YOUR post, they do so? And so on an so forth. So by the end of a week or a few weeks time, a network of followers on the Blogosphere manage to become the authors of a story collectively. Your piece can be as long as you want it to be. A few lines, a few paragraphs, a full page. Anything. Say whaa? Is it something you guys would want to do? [You see, I don't want to end up making a fool of myself by the end of it, so I better know your opinion =P]. If you think this is a good enough idea and would like to be a part of it, post your confirmations under this? Bombard me with your comments and suggestions on how to carry out this exercise.[ALSO, suggestions for a awe-wait for it-some name for the exercise needed!]  Let's do this, fellas! =D

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Youuu Physicsofabitch!

This is it. The moment I had been dreading is finally here.

And I'm not even kidding. This is the worst thing ever. I JUST NEED TO PASS. There's no way in hell I am going to end up giving that goddamned Compartment exam. Theyintentionally set the worst paper ever for compartments, those sons of bitches! :'( And puh-leez. I want to kick Physics goodbye. Once and for all. 
Pray for me, people? Pretty please?

However, in the midst of all my misery, I couldn't help but notice. . .

SEVENTYYY! My blog is OFFICIALLY the sole source of happiness in my life at the moment. Period.
Welcome to my blog, Paanipuri Lover :) 

Oh and before I take your leave,

Happened with me ALL THE GODDAMN TIME! :@
Screw you, Class XIIth Physics :@

A bit of Sciencee-Humor doesn't hurt anyone. OR DOES IT? :|