Monday, 30 April 2012

Mindblowing May- Day ONE =D *Updated*

Well hello there machas! =D Mindblowing May is here HERE HEREEEE!
Join me, will ya? 
Read about Mindblowing May HERE!

Inspiration for the day:

Whoever wants to join in, DON'T THINK TWICE! =D Use this picture as an inspiration and send your Bloglinks to me at
I'll be updating this post by the end of the day with the bloglinks of all the people who joined me today, as well as my own post. Happy blogging fellas! =D
Ru =D

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My Post:
ThingsIHate#35. Awkward pauses. Funny how this time around, I chose to initiate it and not fill the void with mindless chatter.  I needed time, of course, to digest all the part-truths and full-fledged lies that you just bombarded  me with  for thirty minutes straight. For you don’t know that I KNOW.
 For years, all I saw when I looked at your pretty face was a mere outline of who you really were. The wall around your soul was the reason I often stayed awake in the middle of the night and thought about the million things that I might have done wrong to bring about the change in you. I failed to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you had always been THIS. Maybe I chose to see what I wanted to see, and blissfully ignored the unclean edges, the messy cover ups.
Tell me what I need to hear, and what I need to hear isn’t lie number 7[Yes, I kept score]. Your show is over, the curtains have fallen. So tell me about the backstage secrets. Tell me what forced you to perform. You’re smiling to yourself now, and for once, I don’t think it’s the most breathtaking sight ever. For once, I don’t think you’re too good to be true. I think you’re too absurd to be believable.
But you don’t know that I KNOW. So I’m going to be the one who shatters the silence this time , honey. And it’ll wipe that smirk right off your face.


Quite a response on the first day itself! =D
The people who joined me with their Mindblowing posts were:
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Will be back tomorrow fellas!
Ru =D

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Yo Yo Honey Singh! B) [NO, I'm not a fan and NO, I don't listen to his music. Gah! It's just my thing to say when I'm in a weirdass lame mood, okay? ]
I AM BACK! The AIEEE B.Arch paper was okayish, but thank you all for your wishes and love! I won't be replying to your comments on my previous post cause it'll be sort of weird if I say "Thank you" AFTER my entrance, no? =P But a big BIG hug for all of you nevertheless! :*
May is hereee! Yayie yay yay! I'm so fucking excited it's not even funny! I actually sat down a few days before my entrance exam and searched for all this shizz![New word added to Ruhani's Retarded dictionary recently]*Head held up high* I tried to add as much variety as possible, and for most days, I'll be giving you choices so that if one element fails to inspire you, the second one definitely will! You all are going to join me with equal enthusiasm, haina? *Puppy face* Oh and before I forget, I'd like to thank Kanika, the Queen Bee[as rechristened by Soumi], the wonderful, wonderful girl who started the tradition of this exerise in the first place. Cheers! =D
So I present before you, the much awaited. . . .


Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo

So here it goes.

1.  I'll be posting something, be it a picture, video, song, anything, on my blog everyday for the month of May. Something that would inspire you to write a piece of your own. Or click something related to it. Or sing about it. Or record a video about it. Anything under the sun, okay? Just be INSPIRED!
2. Publish your post, along with the element for the day that inspired you, mention the fact that it's a part of Mindblowing May, and link back! =D
3. Mail your blog links to me at before the day ends and I'll post your link, as well as my own post by the end of the day.

That's about it folks! Are ya ready for a month of everyday[atleast for me]blogging? ARE YA? So fasten your seat belts fellow bloggers, for Mindblowing May is SO on! Woohooo!

Awaiting a positive response[With baited breath]
Ru =D

PS. If any of you have ideas/Pictures for MM, feel free to mail them to me! And in case you have any queries, just ASK! :*

Saturday, 28 April 2012


1. NEWSFLASH. Prince Charming does not exist! Stop fucking waiting for such an absurd, magical creature to appear out of thin air. And excuse me, you aren't exactly Cinderella either, remember? Learn to cherish what you HAVE and make the most of it. Drop all ridiculous fantasies about Mr. perfect. He only exists in stupid Yash Raj movies, a few Hollywood flicks and well 85% of the books. Not. In. The. Real. World. Sorry to break your bubble, but that's exactly how it is. FUCKING DEAL WITH IT! 
 2. You're not Hermione Granger and you do not possess a Time Turner. STOP SITTING ON THE PORCH AND WISHING YOU COULD TURN BACK TIME! You CANNOT. You've fucked up your life, you've fucked up your career and you're a huge disappointment for your mother, okay? Stop day dreaming and ACCEPT IT. You'll have to live with it for the rest of your life so start NOW. 
3. There's no way you're getting into your dream college. So yeah, Buh-Bye SPA Delhi. You deserve people who fucking have the balls to WORK THEIR ASSES OFF in order to achieve their dreams. Not douchebags who wait for a genie who'd offer to fulfill their wishes. If you wanted it so bad, why the bloody hell did you not work for it? 

I'm sorry for not being  able to post anything/visit your blogs. Got my AIEEE B.Arch entrance exam tomorrow. Like that's going to make a difference anyway. Will be back with a glimpse of Mindblowing May tomorrow. :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Let there be Awesomeness B)

I'm back, yo! B)
Long LONG gap, eh? Well I'm sorry for disappointing you, as well as not being able to check out your blogs for quite some time now my honeybunches, my sugarplums and all that jazz[Hell yeah, I learnt all those words from the Cupcake song. Didn't you?] but I just have been EXCEPTIONALLY busy! Trying to study[Mind it you, TRYING], catching up with all my buddies, attending birthday parties one after the other, filling up all sorts of forms and applications, blah blah and some more of BLAH! Plus MM is almost here and I haven't planned ANYTHING! So hey there, all the wonderful people who follow this space, if you have pictures, or have seen pictures that inspired you or you thought were good enough to be shared, hand them over to me! For I sure need help at the moment! :(
ALSO I've been posting quite a lot of serious stuff over here for a while now, so I thought, oh hell, why not get back to the good old me, eh? =D
So here I aaaaam! Pure, unadulterated me! And somebody around here has been kind enough to appreciate my work *bows* Ooh I love this bit! =D Damn, I miss receiving blog awards! :(

1. Thank and link back the person who awarded you.

Well thank you Kanika[I love her Blog]. I sure am honored! =D

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

But don't I do enough of that already? Sigh.

1. I am presently watching FRIENDS for possibly the fourth or fifth time! All the seasons! Back to back!
2. I am not reading ANYTHING at the moment! Suggestions, fellas? :(
3. I've been clicking all my friends lately. NewCameraLove <3
4. I think Titanic is a fantastic movie. But HELL, it's so bloody depressing! :/ [Yes, I watched Titanic 3D yesterday. Can't push Jack's frozen face out of my head. FML. And yeah, the 3D effects aren't that great either! :/ ]
5. I'm really REALLY excited about hosting Mindblowing May! =D [In case any of you want to send me pictures for the same, mail them to me! :* ]
6. There are people I really wish I could simply DELETE from my life. I have absolutely no patience for annoying people! :@
7. I hate pretentious people. People who're too afraid to show the world who they ACTUALLY are, who choose to mimic  others in order to find their place in the world, people who paint a different picture of themselves in order to fit in, come up with all sorts of lies to make themselves "look good" in front of the world, you know, stuff like that.So hello, if you're exactly the kind of person that I'm talking about, damn, you're on my hit list!

3. Award newly discovered Bloggers.

i) Nirali at Awesome Since '92. Damn, the girl can write! She's presently hosting Awesome April, so why don't you guys join in? :)
ii) Tangled up in Blue at Why is everything Four? Pretty damn honest, raises the most appropriate questions about life, and REALLY makes me wonder about a few crucial things :)
iii) Nilanjana at Nil, ofcourse. My favorite Blog, oh yes. Brilliant, is THE word for her writing.
iv) My dear DEAR friend Diwita at In my words. A wonderful writer, a budding photographer and the bestestestest daadi in the whole wide world <3
v) D2 and Enchanta at Quod Vidi and Metaphorphosis respectively.They're listed over here together because apart from being absolutely wonderful writers, they're also the cutest couple! God bless you guys! <3

There are LOADS of other bloggers I had in mind who really need to be appreciated, but I could just list 5 of them for now!

4. Contact these Bloggers and tell them about the award. 

Will be back as soon as possible my loyal followers!
Eons of love.
Me <3

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Not today. . .

"That's a beautiful name. Age?"
"Thank you. 25"
Father's name?"
There it was. This is why she preferred written questionnaires. Why she had ALWAYS preferred them. Cause well let's face it, it was easier to conceal those awkward pauses when she was on her own. Much MUCH easier in comparison to the present situation, where there was somebody hovering over her head, waiting for her response with baited breath. It made her extremely uncomfortable. And even though she knew exactly what she would say after another 10.6 seconds,this awkward silence was sort of mandatory. It had a become a habit, something ingrained in her psyche. She had filled in the same response in all the questionnaires, all the application forms, year after year. But each time  they asked her for her parents' name, she faced the dilemma of the prefix. It was a choice she had to make, a choice she would never have had to make, if it wasn't for that gruesome night of her tenth birthday. . .
It was a quiet affair. They had decided to not make a big deal out of their daughter's birthday this year since her grandmother had passed away just a week back. Little Sue was terribly upset, and had been throwing tantrums the entire day. She had even said a few nasty things to her mommy, things she didn't really mean. They broke mommy's heart, but she chose to keep quiet and keep little Sue as happy as possible. Ten was a big number, her little girl was growing up, and she didn't want to make the day worse for the apple of her eye. The world around her was in a state of utmost chaos, and the family lived in constant fear, in case they became the next victims of the riots. Sue, oblivious of the bigger picture,  had been sulking in the living room, when she heard the commotion in the hallway.
They had forced themselves in and had immediately overpowered her father. She heard someone screaming, and then realized the shrill sound was emitting from her own throat, as she watched them drag her wounded father into the living room. Mommy dropped the bowl of rice in the kitchen itself and rushed  into the room, only to be pinned down on the floor by a boy half her age. She had always maintained that the next 30 minutes were a blur, when people had interrogated her years later. But the truth was, she remembered each and every second of the ordeal. For they made sure she witnessed each and every bloody detail. They had butchered her loved ones in  front of her innocent eyes, while one of them covered her mouth with his rough and robust hands. But that wasn't necessary, for she wouldn't have screamed. She couldn't have. It was stuck in her throat, and it remained stuck in there for 30 whole minutes, after which she had collapsed. She still had nightmares at times, and those hands featured prominently in all of them.They always would.
The receptionist cleared his throat loudly. 10.6 seconds had elapsed, she still hadn't answered and he was getting impatient. What was she going to say? Would it be the same? Or would she choose to accept the truth finally and fill atleast ONE  application form correctly. Late? Or Mister? She would have to give in to the shattering truth one fine day, she would have to make it official by stating it in her documents. She would, but today just wasn't the day. . .
"Yeah, I'm sorry. Umm it's Mister. . . . "

This is a part of BluBlubling's Awesome April. Go check her fantastic Blog out! :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'll be there for you.

"And your pills? What about your pills?", he inquired, with his right eyebrow arching suspiciously.  The smile that spread across her face reached her wizened eyes. She nodded gently, still smiling at the almost patriarchal look on his face, and his shoulders relaxed. What would she ever do without him? Without his love, his tender care, without his constant questioning? He had been an adept officer in the vigilance department after all, and using his skills at home amused him to no extent. She didn't seem to mind either; coming from a family where women did not really receive the appreciation that they deserved, his anxious queries made her feel wanted. They made her feel special.
Ten years back, she could have filled the silence with a simple, honest "I love you", covering up for the time she had taken to admire him, in his presence. But those three words weren't enough anymore. Words would never be enough to tell him about all the love that seemed to overflow out of her weak little heart. And so, she chose to communicate her feelings of sheer admiration and adoration through her warm brown eyes. He understood, of course and touched his lips to her forehead, making her smile more than ever. Choked with a gamut of emotions, "Thank you", was all she could muster.
"Mom? Are you okay? Who were you talking to?". Jenny burst into the room, apprehension evident on her young countenance. "To your father, of course", she replied with a certain enthusiasm. "Umm, mom. I think you should sleep now. Have you taken your medicines? You were supposed. . . " "Ah. like father, like daughter. Yes honey, I have. You don't need to worry about me so much. he will take care of me. He always has, hasn't he?" The joy that her mother was radiating broke Jennifer's heart, and she chose to leave the room,   trying to hide the tears in her eyes from her elated mother. On the way to her room, she stopped to stare at her father's picture on the wall. Making a mental note to replace the garland of roses around his neck with a fresh one, she reached out for her phone in order  to make a call to her mother's physician.

This a part of BluBluBling's Awesome April. You can check out her blog here. :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

"Sunlight" at the end of the tunnel. :)

WARNING: Personal Post ahead.

"Dude do you see that girl?".
"Who girl? Where girl?"
"Abbey the one who's on her way to the reception!"
""Who girl? Where girl? I don't see no girl!"
"Ugh, NOW look!"
"Holy mother of. . . is that a real person?"
"YES! That's *****'s ex-best friend!"
"Really? Well I sort of don't like her already!"

I had spoken too soon. For I sure ended up "liking" her. In fact, I ended up liking her a little too much.
Here was a girl, who one could have easily mistaken for a toddler. With a highly confused and exasperated look on her face, I could see her checking her documents, disappearing behind a crowd  of  second graders. That had been my first impression of her, along with the above mentioned conversation and "Geez. I suddenly feel all tall now". I am a mere 5 feet 2 inches above the ground, just by the way! =P

Her first day in school :)
Soon enough, a crazy little girl who one could have easily mistaken for a kid from the middle school, was seen jumping around the senior block, rapidly making friends with seniors and juniors alike, along with her batch mates of course. And it wasn't long before I was drawn in too. For how on Earth can one ignore someone who radiates so much light, happiness and hyperactivity? She had won everyone over, and I was no different from the rest. And hence, keeping her tiny form in mind, she began responding to "Chhotaa Baby" and I was rechristened "Motaa baby" [Not because I was fat. I SWEAR I wasn't back then :'( ] I welcomed her to my world, and she filled it with so much light, that I was blinded by it at times. I began wiping her tears off, and she became the reason that I laughed out loud on even my most miserable days. We began making contributions to each other's excessively long phone bills, and discussed everything under the sun, bitched, and cracked up. She became an integral part of my school life, and once her prep leave for her Board exams commenced,  I realized how lonely and dull school life had become without her presence, her maniac laughter, her warm hug that I received every morning in the corridors. She had been the one who being a senior, had made my school life slightly tolerable, and with her gone, I couldn't help but feel lost.
AND just when I thought we would be reunited after her Board exams, a bomb shell which went something like" I simply HAVE TO get out of Delhi" was dropped on me. And before I knew it, she was gone again.
And no matter how cliche it sounds, I am going to say it nevertheless. You think you know somebody's importance, but only once they're gone far away do you realize that "Hell yeah, I always knew so and so person was bloody important. But THIS important? Wow."

 Yeah. that's her. Ain't she a beauty to behold? :) BUT apart from being beautiful, she is a LOT of other things. For instance. . . .

1. She's a CUTAAAAAY. She smiles genuinely AND has the cutest, most adorable smile EVER. And I like her because well, she shows her teeth! =P [Bottom right, a LEETLE too much! =P]

2. Only SHE can make the pout look so absofucinglutely lovable and, well, decent in a way. NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY else can pull that off!Aai shapath!

3. Her laughter <3 SHE thinks she laughs like a maniac, but bitch please! It brightens up my day,  and makes me wanna pull her cheeks so freaking hard that they might just fall off. And talking of pulling cheeks. . . .

4. Oh how we love to torture her! She is just so. . . . EDIBLE! And i'm not even kidding! Once you see her, you just want to punish such cuteness for even existing! =P

6. She's the ORIGINAL bro, dude! *Hi5, chest bump* AND when she gets down on the dance floor, she makes everybody else wanna dance too! =D

7. Gossiper hai yeh toh bhai sahab! =P Sucha extrovert, she never runs out of things to talk about! Fulltoo entertainment, I'd say! =D

8. MAN is she a bhukhad! =P After the Bermuda Triangle, the biggest  mystery is - WHERE DOES ALL THE FOOD GO? :O

9. Damn, she is such a nautanki! =P If you're around her, you better keep her happy. Cause once she starts cribbing, she'll go on till Christmas! =P And even though I do love to torture her, she takes pleasure in becoming the "bechari bachi!' =P

10. She is BEAUTIFUL. Mesmerizing, charming. You wouldn't want to take your eyes of her. She is pretty AND cute AND hot, and that my friends, is  a very rare combination. :)

Nehaa Sengupta, you have NO idea how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life. I am not going to "thank you for being there for me", because you know it sort of goes without saying, and I know you always will be. Instead, I'd like to thank you for about say 37.659% of the most memorable moments of my life :) [Now don't you go around cribbing about why it isn't 99.99% or something! 37.659 is a huge number,okay? =P] It's such a pity you're not here for your birthday, cause I had SO much planned for you. And now, you don't get any of it. :/ Aur jaao Bombay! =P
I Love you SO freaking much,Chhotaa Baby AKA Chhotaa AKA Chipmunk AKA Little Miss Sunshine AKA Potty Girl AKA Chotts AKA Chotey!