Friday, 17 February 2012

The Unique Freak.

I had never had one of those moments. The kind where you just stand still, soak in the beauty around you, of the nature or otherwise. Or the kind where you try to clear your mind completely, not think about anything in particular, and just stand still for no reason whatsoever. Not even the kind where you close your eyes and simply try to relax after a tiring day or a strenuous week. Nope. I'm not one of those guys who believe they have the time to just sit back and take a breather in their lives. Time is money, and 24 hours are never going to be enough for me to be able to strike off every single thing from that bucket list of mine. Yet surprisingly, I found myself standing in the balcony of the apartment I had just moved into, leaning against the railing with my eyes closed and listening to the sound of the leaves clashing with the soft breeze. It was unlike me to be standing alone on a dark winter night, smiling into nothingness. The fact that my living room was full of huge boxes waiting to be unpacked  didn't seem to bother me at all. I was at peace in my happy place, the rest of the things could wait.
And then before I knew it, the silence of the night was shattered. She came like the fierce wind, uprooting all that came in her way. Well not literally, all I saw her doing was kicking pebbles aside with great force, but I was pretty damn sure that had there been a person in their place, he or she would have regretted leaving their apartment at all. Clearly, she was furious. Her face was like that of a tigress, though comparing her with a dragon would make sense too, since she was almost breathing fire. It was  amusing, the way she was trying to trigger an earthquake with every step that she took, apparently in the direction of a battered white Maruti 800 parked in front of the house right opposite mine. Standing on the first floor of the building, I could see her perfectly, but she had no idea whatsoever of my presence. That gave me a marvelous feeling of confidence, and I leaned a little further in order to observe her closely. She was curiously dressed, that I could make out from the time she had set foot into my territory. She wore an over sized shirt over a pair of payjamas. Spongebob, was it? A tiny giggle escaped my lips, and I quickly checked myself before she caught me ogling at her. Her hair were tied in a messy bun and she wore bright, cherry red, thick rimmed frames. She was still audibly growling, her expression still made me wanna laugh my ass off, but there was something melting inside of me. She unlocked the car using a central locking device[seriously, on a Maruti 800?] and began rummaging through what seemed like layers and layers of stuff. Somebody had had a wild shopping spree that day, eh? Finally, she seemed to have found what she was looking for. The bar of chocolate was stuffed into the pocket of her Spongebob payjamas, and she began trying to lift all the bags at the same time. After a while, she managed to hang every single bag on either of her arms, banged the car's door shut with her tiny butt, walked a few steps like a toddler and BANG! This time around I had to press my hands hard against my mouth to stop myself from audibly, and literally, rolling on the floor laughing. There she was, lying flat on her back on the pavement, covered with shopping bags of all shapes and sizes, with the most hilariously startled expression on her face. And then after quickly checking whether anyone had witnessed what had happened, she burst out laughing, all signs of anger or frustration vanishing from her visage, and the sound made me wanna run downstairs and hug her. She was one hell of a unique freak, that girl, and I knew that I'd be seeing  a lot, LOT more of her.

To be continued...


  1. Hahaha! Loved it! Absolutely loved it!
    She curiously reminds me of this girl I know! :P

    Looking forward to more of her!

  2. Hahaha I don't know HOW. Maybe because of the Cherry Red frames! Bleh! =P

  3. Awwwwww...that made for such a fresh read! You're witty without being over-the-top. Following you up.

  4. @Soumi. Thank you so much, glad you liked it :) And welcome to my blog :)
    @Akanksha =D


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