Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mindblowing May:Day Sixteen :) *Updated*

Hello fellas! =D
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GUYSSSSS! I'm SO sorry for the late update! :( Was out for a Photo walk! :) Jamaali kamaali! Will post pictures ASAP! :)
AND VIDHIIII! I'm SO sorry for not being able to post your bloglink yesterday :( Big BIG hug for joining me :*
Here'e what Vidhi wrote for yesterday's post! :) -
AND Tanyaaaaa! Sorry man! HERE'S Tanya's bloglink! :) -
SamBeeee! Thank you for joining me today with :*
ALSO Kshipra wrote a fantastic piece HERE

Hello again machas! =D So as it is, I went for a photowalk with two pretty people[Read Diwita and Dipnaa] today. Here's a little heads up. If you ever want to go for a photo walk, Jamali kamali Mosque is NOT the place to be. :| Pretty damn disappointing, if you ask me! :/ Here are a few shots from the day. Do me let me know what you think about them, yeah? :*


  1. As I was looking at your latest entry { the second one : intoxicated by memories and feelings }, today I wrote a post on a similar topic [ my mausa passed away two days back] and you know what, I am, at present really in that state of mind, living that state,intoxicated by the memories and feelings of the days gone by, my childhood years and the days spent with my extended family in my hometown...with my mausa's death a chapter of our family history has been closed, yet feelings associated with the past are so strong...
    I really appreciate the topics that you are coming up with. Keep it up.

    1. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss.
      Please take care of yourself and your family. :)
      Thank you so much :)

  2. okay so i totally mailed you my blog link yesterday and u toh :( wyannnnn

    1. I am sooooo sorry! I'll post it right away! :( Can't believe I missed it!

    2. thankeee :D and yes love pichas! :D SUPER AWESOME!

  3. Holy Shit Ru! THE PICS are ahmazing. And I've said this before Dipin's pic just makes you stare as it so long till you feel like ur such a creeper. I swear. And love the yellow flowers.

    1. Yesss! Dips is a byootay! =D
      Thanks, love :)

  4. Brilliant pIctures bro.....The ladies look gorgeous. I am not kidding. !!!

    1. Arrey they ARE gorgeous <3
      Thanks =D

  5. I reeeeeeally like that Black and White photograph of Dipin's. It's a beauudee. =)

  6. AMAZING PICTURES! I already told you that! :*
    But I look chii and chubby! :O (except in the last one :P

  7. Yaay us. And you're an amazing photographer! :D

  8. woww picturess!
    I love the dog one, and the black and white one, and the one in which diwita's lookin right at the cam, and the one in which the hair an hoop earings are showing the most! :P
    youre so multi-talented ruhanii!

  9. Photography is seldom a function of the attractiveness of the place, it is all inside the photographers head =)

    Who clicked the photographer?

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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