Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mindblowing May: Day Thirteen! =D *updated*

Hello there machas! =D There's a surprise for you guys! :* You can choose between two elements today, OR use them both and write something! :) The first one is a dialogue from one of my all time favorite movies, Inception :)

The inspiration for today is :

Don't you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!
- Saito [Inception]


You can use this picture as a stimulus and write a post. OR click a picture. OR sing about it[Don't forget to upload the audio,okay? =P] Do ANYTHING. Just be inspired :)
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My Post:
He took a deep, deep breath. And as he stood right on edge, thousands of meters above solid ground, he questioned his decision one last time. Before the question had even firmly formed in his head, his heart responded reflexively. "This is it.", he thought to himself.
Life hadn't been all that fair to him, and he knew for a fact that this was the only way. The last resort. The best option. Either he could choose to stick to his decision, or regret not having taken the leap of faith, and eventually die of old age, all alone in the house of his ancestors.
He wondered whether all that crap about one's life flashing before one's eyes was actually true, wondered whether SHE would approve of this,smiled a bit and stepped off the edge., fear evident in his eyes. 
It felt effortless, almost as if he was flying. He waited for images from his past to torment him, but all he felt was utter peace. Things on the ground seemed to be getting clearer. . . and clearer. . . and clearer and THAT is when the chord tightened! 
Her beautiful blue eyes, now the size of tennis balls, wide with amazement and shock were all he could see, and all his doubts about his decision vanished into nothingness. For once, he didn't care about the thirty odd people around them, who were staring with their mouths open at the man who'd just fallen from the sky. He didn't care about his serious commitment issues,  or about public display of affection. All he cared about was her beautiful blue eyes , and her pretty little face which had the most hilariously confused look on it. He laughed out loud and finally blurted out "Will you marry me?"

Hello folks! Sorry for the lame post today!. This what being neck deep in work+badly formed ideas do to you! :"( Will be back with something better tomorrow, okay?
Till then you can read a much MUCH better post by Joyee at Bittersweet Symphony. THIS is what she wrote! Welcome back, kiddo! :)

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