Friday, 23 March 2012

After Boards To Do List.

They end. Tomorrow.

And hence, I decided to make an "After Boards to do list", in case I become a lazy jackass in a month's time and forget all about the awesome things I had wanted to do in the MIDDLE of the goddamn Boards.
But before that, beware, IMMENSELY GIRLY POST AHEAD. So if you're going to end up rolling your eyes by the end of it, well then I suggest you don't proceed at all! =P

So well, here it goes.
I need to . . . .
1. Work my ass off during the Architecture crash course. [I am REALLY excited about them. teehee. =D]
2. Nail the entrance exams and get into SPA. [ Dream College <3 ]
3. Get a nose piercing. [I plan to get one tomorrow itself. Will post picture as soon as the task is accomplished. Weeee =D ]
4. Get a Canon 550D [ Well it's a teary eyed buh-bye to Nikon! :| Oh and if any of you know a place where I could get it for around 35 or 36k, LET ME KNOW. ]
5. Get a Tripod.
6. Get a 50mm AND an 18-135. [ Mommy is NOT going to be happy about this =P ]
7. Learn as much stuff as possible from Aryaman. The guy's a genius! :O
8. Explore Delhi. Literally. Visit all the historical sites. Spend most of my time in Hauz Khas.
9. Explore Delhi's FOOD.
10. LOSE WEIGHT. Fit into my old clothes again :| Not look like a buffalo stuffed into a pair of shorts!
11. Buy a white dress. Plain. White. Beautiful. [ In case any of
     you wish to gift it to me, you're most welcome to do so! =P ]
12. Buy a pair of red heels.
13. WEAR the heels that I already have.
14. Go shopping. [Multiple trips to Sarojini and Janpath DESPERATELY needed! ]
15. Learn how to print T-shirts. Print the Homer T shirt I've always wanted and could never find anywhere. [ In case any of you know about any printing techniques, lemme know!]
16. Join Ballet classes. ASAP.
17. Finish off Gav's birthday gift.
18. Plan out Nehaa, Manasi and Dipin's birthday gifts.
19. Use the damn Siri Fort membership.
20. Start painting again.
21. Learn how to drive. Convince mother dearest to get a green Honda Brio [I find that car really cute somehow.]
22. Learn how to use Photoshop.
23. Host/plan multiple reunion parties. Including one for ex-FIITJEE mates, friends from Junior school, people I met in AVTE/Kapurs, and so on and so forth.
And lastly, 24. HOST MIND-BLOWING MAY! Woohoo! =D

I will keep striking off stuff from the list. I've always wanted to do that, somehow! Yes, I am a weird person!
Anyhoo, wish me luck for tomorrow fellas! Here I come, Mathematics! :|


  1. I'm along with you for the first and second.
    Come on! You're not fat! You don't need to lose so much weight as much I desperately need to, like I said in my last post.
    Painting, hell yes! Speaking of, we could use one of my old painting or sketch as an inspiration for next Spin-A-Yarn story, if you haven't thought of anything yet.
    Photoshop, I already started recently. <3 =D
    Anyway, I'll be seeing you from Tuesday constantly for next two months. OkayThankYouBye!

    1. Yuss! :)
      Dude you haven't seen me since the longest time possible, okay. :|
      Oh sure! Scan it and mail it to me! :)

  2. So let me get this straight. You write. You dance. You shoot. You paint. You're a future architect. Am I leaving anything out? Is there anything else you do? :-| :O
    I feel sad that I know nothing about cameras. That kind of shooting never appealed to my better senses.:-/
    I plan to tour Delhi myself sometime. Be a good travel blogger for some time and post everything. :D
    And all the best for the exams. SPA is awesome. Not SPA Bhopal, though (That's where Enchanta studies and its sole building is in my campus and it sucks.) But that's just my opinion. :P

    And you did warn us about the girly stuff. No comments.

    1. And you could also try GIMP. I find it better than PS and there's loads of documentation. Have a good time. :)

    2. Yes. I am into theater, athletics, Basketball and Debating! =P
      Oh you should try it out! it's a different experience all together! :)
      I know man, I REALLY want to get into SPA Delhi. Going out of Delhi isn't an option for me :| Haha do you guys know each other? Cause you're always pulling each other's leg! =P
      Hahaha YES =P
      GIMP? What's that? =P

    3. I call upon the holiest of cows (you do too much) :O
      I like taking pictures of non-human stuff. especially if it seems kinda psychedelic. I just don't know (almost) anything about cameras. :-/
      Aah, then you have to work hard for SPA-D. :-P
      And yeah, I know Enchanta. She's my girlfriend. :)
      In fact, do read Immortalized and The Fall :-)
      I went to SPA-D in January this year with her for their fest. She was debating there. Though I'm used to big campuses where you can kill people and their bodies would never be found, I liked it. :P :)

      PS. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program :P

    4. Hahaha is that a bad thing? :(
      I know man, I know :( And I only have like a month's time :(
      OH! AWWWWW :)
      Oh will do! :)
      Ooh ooh how's the campus? And WHERE exactly is it? I suck at directions and stuff =P

    5. No, that's an awesome thing! Are you kidding me? There's very few people I know who are jacks at a lot of stuff and do them all pretty well too. I keep trying myself but I can't focus on too much together. :-|
      A month's time should be more than enough if you go all out, I'm sure. Never took the architecture test myself, but I know from my AIEEE experience; it shouldn't be too much hard work for too long. :)
      The campus is close to the Indraprastha metro station just beyond the flyover next to the station. It's next to another major architecture school whose name I don't remember. The campus is in two parts a little away from each other. It's a nice enough campus. Come to think of it, my neighbour studies there too (I'm surrounded by SPA-ites). :-|

    6. @ Ruhani : Ok, firstly, I bad-mouth my college too much but what should be noted is that the level of education is REALLY REALLY good and sincere. The professors are super sincere and you can't fraud your way into anything. The faculty is super too excepting one or two bitches who fight with their husbands and take their frustration out on us. :P
      The building and everything is in the NIT campus and my people have made this campus their very home but well, the NITians like D2 himself have an obvious grudge about that. :P
      But yes apart from that, if you are to choose an architecture school besides SPA delhi and JJ college of architecture, then SPA Bhopal and SPA Vijayawada definitely comes next.
      Some of my classmates are going to Japan. So you can imagine the amount of exposure we are provided with.
      Its just that the stress and strain, hostel-shifting and too much hard work gets on my nerves and well I end up bitching about my college. :-|

      D2 and I have been together for 1 and a half years now... Its a long Bloggish story with several coincidences combining it all. We love doing what we do and we love each other for those very reasons. :D

      Anyway all the best for your future. It should be bright judging by the way you are! ;)
      As for me, I want to get into something different. I'll be passing out next year so I'm going crazy with anticipations, hopes and expectations and of course planning for the future.
      Let's see how all that turns out! :-/

    7. Aww you guys are so cute! :)
      Ooh I really REALLY want to get into SPA! It sounds so cool! :O

    8. And and BEST OF LUCK for whatever you do after you pass out! I'm pretty damn sure you'll be great! :)

  3. We have very similar to do lists :O :O
    Even though the exact thing might not be the same, its very closely related! I'll put up mine sometime and then we can compare notes :P
    Ps- Id like to help host/plan the 5-C reunion thingy if thats okay!

    1. Hahaha Hi5 bro! B)
      OF COURSE! I need LOADS of help with that! =P

  4. You're going to be busy, alright!

    Enough said =D
    P.s- good luck! last one for the legendddhhaaarryyy road, m'friend!

  5. The list isn't girly at all.. okay? okayyy?? OKAYYY??
    And that exploring delhi wala part, I sooo wanna do it! And this post.. It reminds me of the day before my last board exam.. Was so excited then!! :( Best of luck for mathematics.. \m/

  6. That's a long list of things to do, Not girly sure but really cute to see you merrily talking away like a little girl. Its so sweet!

    Nice list , Do it all ASAP!

    1. Haha well thank you =D Yes sir, will do! =D

  7. Yes, similar indeed :P It's so funny. I type il on my url bar and your blog ka link comes up apne aap :P
    Yes, I do read your blog :)

    Arre sahi hoga, lets do something, okay? Since you have 23 things where as I have 21 (adding the driving part. I forgot about that :P ) ... whoever finishes 21 of the things to do first (which means mera pura list and 21/23 of your things) gets to enjoy a Maxims treat. What say? :P I mean, no competition, just for fun, you know? Plus I'll have an incentive to finish of the things asap :D

    1. Told ya! =P Ha!I thought you didn't :/
      Aye, I have twenty four! Ooh that sounds really cool, we should totally do it! =D

  8. I've done some off your list. Funny because I never thought I'd have one like that but I must've subconsciously made one ages ago.

    Love your maths exam! :P

    1. HOW can one love the maths exam?:O =P

  9. 2. SPA is easily THE most happening college I know about. Good luck!
    8. I absolutely love Hauz Khas. You've good tastes Ruhani.
    9. Oh, listen to me, better start with Karim's in Chandani Chowk, okay? And let me know what type of food you like and I'd give you the holy list.

    1. NOW I REALLY wanna get in! :( I've been to Karims! And that's a tragedy because I'm a vegetarian! :O

  10. Kick math's ass for me, wontcha? :D
    All the best!

  11. Canon 550D is awesome :D
    And learning photoshop will make it even better! =D

    all the best for architecture :)

    1. I knowww. I want it really badly! :O

  12. Sounds interesting.....And good luck with math. My list also included getting drunk.... :P

  13. u can get the camera at C.P, inner circle...
    and getting into architecture course is peezy-eezy, trust me!!

    1. Ookai, I'm taking your word for it! :)

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  15. aye aye. all i ever did after my boards was sleep! :P

    1. Yeah, but that goes without saying, no? =P

  16. You are such a sweetheart <3

    This post made me smile so so so much....God bless you girl xoxoxoxxo

    And, all the very best for SPA entrance exams...nail it.

    Maths :D Same feelings here ;)

    1. Haha thank you =D
      Glad it did :)

  17. Cool! All the best for your future endeavors !


  18. woohoo...that made me smile so much my jaws hurt.. :)
    sunshine.. pure and simple... :)


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