Wednesday, 16 May 2012

MIndblowing May:Day Seventeen! B)

Well hello there, my loyal stalkers! =D
How're you all doing today eh?
Day seventeen is here, so buckle up and join me! ;)
[You can read about MM HERE]

Today's inspiration is:

OR, you could also use. . .

OR you could let your imagination run wild and use BOTH of them!
You can use this as a stimulus and write a post. OR click a picture. OR sing about it[Don't forget to upload the audio,okay? =P] Do ANYTHING. Just be inspired :)
And don't worry about joining in the middle of the month. You can join whenever you want :)
Mail your bloglinks to me at
I'll be updating this post by the end of the day with the bloglinks of the people who joined me, as well as my own post.

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  1. the picture-it reminds me of the song, khwabon k parindey from ZNMD


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