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Mindblowing May: Day SEVEN! =D *Updated*

Mindblowing May is a week old already,eh? =D
Sooo I chose two pictures for today's post! =D And though they're quite similar, you can use one of them OR be super experimental and use both! That's up to you! :)

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My Post:

They were quarreling over some petty issue again.They were like two tigresses at each other's throats, waiting to find a loophole in each other's arguments. Oh little Sophie had inherited her fathers foul temper right from the beginning. Her mother on the other hand had developed it over time. Life and it's ordeals had taken a toll on her, and aggression had become her defense mechanism. It was a difficult world out there for a single mother, trying to tackle a rebellious teenage daughter, along with a dozen other responsibilities, along with ensuring food and shelter for them both. 
Like every other night, he stood right there, on the same spot, watching them trying to resolve their day to day altercations. The topic of discussion tonight seemed to be some sort of vacation. Only Sophie wasn't willing to take it with her mother. "You listen to me young lady. You're just 16, do you realize that? Stop trying to grow up so fast!" "I'm sixteen mother,not SIX!" "How is that even a valid point?" "What do YOU know about valid points. Not like you've ever made one!" "You watch your tone with me Sophie Mills or you'll regret opening your mouth in the first place" "You know I really don't get what the problem with you is. Why can't you simply accept the fact that I'm old enough to take care of myself? I know dad would!" That did it. The living room at the Mills' was enveloped in a sheet of deathly silence, and a wave of guilt washed over him. If he had a heart, it would have burst open with pain. For he was long gone, and this, this pitiful existence was just like an imprint of the man he once was, on the face of the Earth. Or maybe, just maybe, all the guilt, all the regret prevented him from moving on, to what many people called an afterlife. Either way, Joseph Mills could be found outside 11 Brook Drive, watching over his torn apart family, every single night.
He did his bit, every now and then. Caused a power cut when they were in the middle of a heated argument, rang their doorbell and simply stood in the doorway while Jody looked right through him into the street, you know, little things like that which made them forget the series of bitter retorts they had lined up for each other. But he knew for a fact that power cuts and doorbells would never fill the void that was created by the absence of the man of the household.
He tried to make himself feel better about himself at times by concluding that he had no other option but to walk out of their lives. To walk out of his own life. But he'd always been a man of morals, and he knew deep within that there was always, always an option. And walking out on family was never one. He had his reasons for committing the heinous act of self destruction, reasons his loving wife and young daughter were unaware of till date.
Only a few moments had passed, and Jody had recovered. "Sophie. Go to your room" "But. . ." "Sophie. NOW." The look on her mother's face was enough to tell little Sophie that her mother was not in the mood for arguments. He wished he could reach out. He wished he could comfort her in any way possible, wished he could tell her to take it slow. He watched through the window as Jody tried to regain her composure, restore the mask that had fallen in a jiffy. His heart reached out for her,and the drapes fluttered. Sensing the presence of her late husband of eighteen years, Jody whispered half heartedly into the darkness. "Jose? Is that you?" In an instant, her guard fell, and Joseph watched his wife weep miserably.
She cried to her heart's content, while he watched helplessly. That night, she walked into her daughter's room, watched her furious little angel sleep for a while and hugged her tight. Tomorrow would be a different day in every sense of the word, a new beginning. And because he had reached out to her, she would reach out for the only family she had left. And make it work :)


  1. this is ur most beauuutiful post !!! aww. loved it!

  2. Sushmita Samaddar8 May 2012 at 05:52

    This is a really lovely post :)

  3. I wanted to write on this... M really sorry I couldn't..I'll send you a link in a day or submissions y'know..what wonderful pics u keep posting. LOVELY!


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