Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mindblowing May:Day FIVE =D *Updated*

Sorry for the delay guys! :'( Entrances and shit. You understand, right? :/

And today's inspiration is:

Join me, you guys? :)
You can use this as a stimulus and write a post. OR click a picture. OR sing about it[Don't forget to upload the audio,okay? =P] Do ANYTHING. Just be inspired :)
And don't worry about joining in the middle of the month. You can join whenever you want :)
Mail your bloglinks to me at
I'll be updating this post by the end of the day with the bloglinks of the people who joined me, as well as my own post.

My Post:

In his hoary hands
And folded features,I see
A world of wisdom

So as you can see, here is my first ever attempt at writing a Haiku. I'm not even sure whether it actually is one [ =P ] , but since I tried out the syllable pattern of 5-7-5, let's hope it worked out,eh? =P 
Do tell me what you think about it :)

Sooo the Mindblowing people who joined me  for Mindblowing May, day five are:

Happy reading, folks! :) Will be back with MM tomorrow :*


  1. The pictures you're posting here regarding this month are so beautiful and nice but unfortunately I'm not able to write words about them. Some schedule problem, you see.

    But keep at it! This concept of celebrating a whole month this way is mindblowing itself ;)

    1. Aww! Do try joining us some day, though :)
      Thanks =D

  2. Nice pic and a very good attempt at Haiku, I don't understand the technicalities of Haiku, irrespective of that its beautiful!

    1. Yeah it is ironic how even though it's so short, it can be so complex! I had to read up quite a bit about it too! :)
      Thanks :)

  3. Your subject matter for each entry is really mind blowing , really very creative/ intelligent choice of subjects/ topics.
    And your Haiku rocks! Says so much in so little space,
    Have a nice day !

  4. Your attempt at Haiku was brilliant! Those 3 phrases say alot!
    Loved it :)


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