Friday, 4 May 2012

Mindblowing May: Day FOUR! =D *Updated*

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Ruuuu =D

My Post:

Sooo I thought for today's post, I won't "Write" wala write something. Just blabber on. Lol jk, I just couldn't think of something good enough =P Basically, the GIF you see above completely describes my present state! In fact, it's been that way since a very long time. My little grey cells have been dormant since the longest time possible, and my creativity had most definitely gone for a long long vacation. Till the time I actually pulled up my socks and decided to put something together for my oldest friend's eighteenth. Fifteen bloody years. Long time, eh? 
I came up with several layouts, most of which were tossed in the nearest wastepaper basket. Many printouts were taken, several had to be crushed, some were considered acceptable and then finally after quite a number of hit and trials, I came up with a layout that I really liked. So the "dimaag ki batti" finally "jalofied" and I figured out something that my friend of fifteen years truly deserved after tolerating all my shenanigans! =P

I started off with. . . .
. . . . the print outs that I did NOT crush =P

Went on to. . . .
. . . well, random shit. . =P

And then. . . .
. . . . VOILA! =D

AND guess what? She loved it! =D Happys the endings, no? =D


  1. Mentos, dimaag ki batti jala de :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Loved loved LOVED this, you! Whattttt a preeedy gift.

    P.s- Laats make fraaaandhips, pliss :P

    haha lovely this was, Ru!

    1. Hahaha you know I wouldn't mind. At all! ;)
      Thanks Nil! =D

  3. Haye so cute!

    Also, that dimag ki batti wali photo is so adorable. I just sat and stared at it, for quite some time, smiling foolishly. Haha.

    1. Thanks Ghazal Di =D
      Haha I found it on Tumblr! Cool stuff! B)

  4. aawwwee ..this is so sweet ! :D
    liked it a lot!! :D:D

  5. Loved the idea! :D
    And also, like I said, I love how I make a guest appearance :P

    1. Ooh you're a lucky kid! Everybody seems to like that picture quite a lot! features everywhere =P
      PS. You look so freaking AWW, it's not even funny! <3

  6. I'll consider one a fool if one doesn't LOVE these pictures!!!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I did try really hard to get good stuff for MM! *Wipes bead of sweat off forehead*

  7. Awesome Ru! And I COULD spot PeeBea :D How cute!!


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