Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mindblowing May: Day Eleven! :) *Updated*

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My Post:

"Silent night. . ."
She wiped the dagger with her free hand.
". . . Holy night. . ."
She flung the bloodstained axe in one fluid motion.
". . . All is calm. . ."
She stepped over a smashed head.
". . .All is bright."
She stood for a while and admired her masterpiece.

"Oh look! it's Icky Becky!"
"Icky becky, are you wearing your momma's nightgown to school today?"
"Give me an aaaaai! Give me a ceeee! Give me a kaaaay! Give me a ...."
Who would have thought simply walking through a school corridor could be such an ordeal for a fifteen year old. But Becky was used to it. She was used to the glares, the stares, the hurtful comments. And as every eyeball turned in her direction this morning, each person coming up with one "witty" remark after the other, Becky didn't really care. She was headed towards the school Auditorium with a certain sense of purpose. Choir performances had always enthralled her, and she was really looking forward to the carols they were going to sing for the audience that day. They were going to wear tiny Father Christmas hats, and pretty white dresses, and sing five carols back to - 
"Hey Ickiness! Where do you think YOU'RE going?" Her train of thought was interrupted by the daily shenanigans of Ellen and gang. Popular, pretty, and undeniably slutty, Ellen and gang were the typical cheerleaders of high school. And for some unknown reason, they considered little Becky their obvious punching bag. 
Trying to pretend as if she wasn't aware of their presence, Becky hurried along the corridor, only to have her path blocked by a long, over exposed leg. "I said, WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?" "Th-the au-audi" "THE AUDITORIUM?", Ellen thundered. "Who gave you the right to fuck up Christmas eve for all of us every single year with your obnoxious singing?". But before Becky could come up  with a suitable reply on the lines of "Your highness. . .", she realized she was being dragged away from the auditorium. And that she was being dragged by her pretty little ponytail. The cheerleaders burst into malicious laughter, while Becky struggled to release herself from Ellen's tight grasp. But Ellen didn't let go of her till they reached the deserted third floor girl's loo.Three hours later, Becky was found unconscious, her mouth covered using her own sock,tied to one of the pipes with her pretty white dress, which couldn't be called pretty or white anymore. .  . .
 She felt the roots of her hair shriek out with agony as she cut, tore and carved tonight. She felt her wrists burning up with pain as she smashed limbs, and heard them pleading for mercy, right outside the third floor girl's washroom. And as the 400+ gathering in the school auditorium waited for American Idol winner Becky Bennet to perform on the night of the 15th school reunion, Becky decided to put up a pending performance for four pairs of broken and torn apart limbs and smashed heads, A smile of sheer satisfaction spread across her face as she sang. . .
"Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace. . ."

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  1. Hello there =D
    I saw your blog description and started laughing, so you're a Science student.. But I hate people who categorize everyone coz of a few people anyway!
    Cheers x

  2. The picture made me go DAFAQ?! :P

  3. Wow, is it a microphone in her hand?

  4. Ruhani this is super duper awesome. What a fab way to interpret man. Best post of MM till date. Loved every effin bit of it. And the way the song matches with the whole picture; TOTALLY amazing.

    1. SamBeeee! Your comment totally made my day! Thanks, love! :)

  5. HOLY MOTHER OF....!!!!

    p.s. nightmares tonight! I scare easy :O

    1. Haha Diwaaaaay! Thank you thank you thank you :*

  6. I LOVE a good murder story! :D
    My favourite so far, for sure!

  7. heyy Ruhani! I've been following MM an this particular post anddd the picture just compelled me to comment, it is soo amazingg! and is the girl in the picture Lana del rey or what? especially cos o the microphone.. I like her music.
    anyhoo I'd reallyy wanna join in MM at least once, hope it's soon. needless to say you're doin an absolutely amazing job at it! :D

    1. I have nooo idea who she is! I just loved the picture, so posted it! =D
      Join in, na! And thanks =D

  8. WHOAA!
    I loved the story :o Freaking awesome this piece was!


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