Tuesday, 3 April 2012

"Sunlight" at the end of the tunnel. :)

WARNING: Personal Post ahead.

"Dude do you see that girl?".
"Who girl? Where girl?"
"Abbey the one who's on her way to the reception!"
""Who girl? Where girl? I don't see no girl!"
"Ugh, NOW look!"
"Holy mother of. . . is that a real person?"
"YES! That's *****'s ex-best friend!"
"Really? Well I sort of don't like her already!"

I had spoken too soon. For I sure ended up "liking" her. In fact, I ended up liking her a little too much.
Here was a girl, who one could have easily mistaken for a toddler. With a highly confused and exasperated look on her face, I could see her checking her documents, disappearing behind a crowd  of  second graders. That had been my first impression of her, along with the above mentioned conversation and "Geez. I suddenly feel all tall now". I am a mere 5 feet 2 inches above the ground, just by the way! =P

Her first day in school :)
Soon enough, a crazy little girl who one could have easily mistaken for a kid from the middle school, was seen jumping around the senior block, rapidly making friends with seniors and juniors alike, along with her batch mates of course. And it wasn't long before I was drawn in too. For how on Earth can one ignore someone who radiates so much light, happiness and hyperactivity? She had won everyone over, and I was no different from the rest. And hence, keeping her tiny form in mind, she began responding to "Chhotaa Baby" and I was rechristened "Motaa baby" [Not because I was fat. I SWEAR I wasn't back then :'( ] I welcomed her to my world, and she filled it with so much light, that I was blinded by it at times. I began wiping her tears off, and she became the reason that I laughed out loud on even my most miserable days. We began making contributions to each other's excessively long phone bills, and discussed everything under the sun, bitched, and cracked up. She became an integral part of my school life, and once her prep leave for her Board exams commenced,  I realized how lonely and dull school life had become without her presence, her maniac laughter, her warm hug that I received every morning in the corridors. She had been the one who being a senior, had made my school life slightly tolerable, and with her gone, I couldn't help but feel lost.
AND just when I thought we would be reunited after her Board exams, a bomb shell which went something like" I simply HAVE TO get out of Delhi" was dropped on me. And before I knew it, she was gone again.
And no matter how cliche it sounds, I am going to say it nevertheless. You think you know somebody's importance, but only once they're gone far away do you realize that "Hell yeah, I always knew so and so person was bloody important. But THIS important? Wow."

 Yeah. that's her. Ain't she a beauty to behold? :) BUT apart from being beautiful, she is a LOT of other things. For instance. . . .

1. She's a CUTAAAAAY. She smiles genuinely AND has the cutest, most adorable smile EVER. And I like her because well, she shows her teeth! =P [Bottom right, a LEETLE too much! =P]

2. Only SHE can make the pout look so absofucinglutely lovable and, well, decent in a way. NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY else can pull that off!Aai shapath!

3. Her laughter <3 SHE thinks she laughs like a maniac, but bitch please! It brightens up my day,  and makes me wanna pull her cheeks so freaking hard that they might just fall off. And talking of pulling cheeks. . . .

4. Oh how we love to torture her! She is just so. . . . EDIBLE! And i'm not even kidding! Once you see her, you just want to punish such cuteness for even existing! =P

6. She's the ORIGINAL bro, dude! *Hi5, chest bump* AND when she gets down on the dance floor, she makes everybody else wanna dance too! =D

7. Gossiper hai yeh toh bhai sahab! =P Sucha extrovert, she never runs out of things to talk about! Fulltoo entertainment, I'd say! =D

8. MAN is she a bhukhad! =P After the Bermuda Triangle, the biggest  mystery is - WHERE DOES ALL THE FOOD GO? :O

9. Damn, she is such a nautanki! =P If you're around her, you better keep her happy. Cause once she starts cribbing, she'll go on till Christmas! =P And even though I do love to torture her, she takes pleasure in becoming the "bechari bachi!' =P

10. She is BEAUTIFUL. Mesmerizing, charming. You wouldn't want to take your eyes of her. She is pretty AND cute AND hot, and that my friends, is  a very rare combination. :)

Nehaa Sengupta, you have NO idea how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life. I am not going to "thank you for being there for me", because you know it sort of goes without saying, and I know you always will be. Instead, I'd like to thank you for about say 37.659% of the most memorable moments of my life :) [Now don't you go around cribbing about why it isn't 99.99% or something! 37.659 is a huge number,okay? =P] It's such a pity you're not here for your birthday, cause I had SO much planned for you. And now, you don't get any of it. :/ Aur jaao Bombay! =P
I Love you SO freaking much,Chhotaa Baby AKA Chhotaa AKA Chipmunk AKA Little Miss Sunshine AKA Potty Girl AKA Chotts AKA Chotey! 




  1. How lucky is she to have you for a friend who took such a lot of effort to capture every expression, every bit of her description!
    It warmed my heart to read this post.
    I am stuck in Bhopal while two of my best friends are in Pune and Vellore. Hostel life makes you think how much true friends matter. And so far, none can surpass those two idiots!
    We hardly meet once/twice a year, but when we do, boy, what a blast we have!

    1. Trust me, she deserves every bit of my love! :)
      Thank you Enchanta! :)
      That's sad, having both your best friends in another corner of the country! :/ But I'm sure distance doesn't really come between your friendship! :)

  2. Awwwwwwww...that was So moving! Lucky you bitches!;-)

  3. Aww.. Bombay has this tendency of eating up all my friends too! :(

  4. Missing friends is the worst part.. I've had just one such person who is that special and she is faaarrrrrr away! So I kinda understand how you feel.. :(

    1. Yuss! Initially I found it so difficult to accept the fact that she had moved to Bombay. I used to pick up my phone at times, hoping to tell her to stay at home cause I'd be crashing at her place! :/

  5. I second Enchanta here. She's lucky to have you! :)

    It was an interesting read, really! :)

  6. Duuuuuude! This was SO cute! I know Nehaa, too :) And hells yes, whatta cutie she be :)
    So hey, if she's reading this : HAPPY BIRTHDAY preeedyface :*
    Much much love :)

    1. I know you do! :)
      Ain't she just absolutely adorable? =D
      Haha she says thanks :)

  7. if the expressions are anything to go by..there's almost everything there could possibly be..! loved the way every single expression has been captured!

    Love your name too..Ruhani..has a certain ring to it..

    1. Haha you like "Motaa Baby"? =P

  8. This is such an adorable post! :) It is so amazing to share a friendship with a person. She sure is pretty :D
    Cheers! :)

    1. She is exceptionally pretty! Thanks Astha :)

  9. Ruhani, lemme repeat...so darn cute. I love how you've gone through every little detail. And bongs are cute by default you kno :P HEHE And love the pouts and she's so awesomely pweety! :)

    1. I've always wanted to that for her :)
      Haha yes yes! But they still refuse to teach me how to converse in bangla! =P YUSS she is! =D

  10. This is so AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWly cute :D Neha is beautiful :) Blublubling says hi :P :D

    *touch wood* for the awesomeness that she is =)

    1. Haha it's NehaA =P
      Hahahaha yes I shall pass on your greetings to her! =D
      Oh yes, she is most definitely awesome in every way possible.

  11. How I wish my best friend woke up from her long hours of sleeping and wrotte me such a post, or anything at all. THIS^^ was lovely!!

    1. Yeah I wih I could write something like this for myself too, since nobody else is sweet enough to do so for me =P
      Thank you :)

  12. Mottaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thank you so so so so so sooooo much for this post! I love you sooo much! :*
    I am not a nataunki haan :P kuch bhi matlab! But this is adorable mottaaaa! btw your post on bengalis is still left! Hahah! ( i haven't forgotten ) :P
    Cuteness hai yaar tu toh mann karta hai tujhe uthake phek doon :P :*
    I miss you so much man its not even funny :(
    I love you ALOTTTTT!

    P.S - Thank you everyone for your wishes :) :) <3

  13. Aila. Full on "awwww.." post hai.
    You both are lucky to have each other.
    What cool jottings , what amazingly expressive pics....loved the way you penned down with all the love....

    1. Yes yes, we are! =D Thank you so much :)

  14. oyeeee so much love !!! =D Very cute, the two of you!!
    and i just read Nehaa's comment... "Cuteness hai yaar tu toh mann karta hai tujhe uthake phek doon :P :* " now thiss line has totally cracked me up XD XD

    1. Haha yes she's quite a cutie =D


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