Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Move over Tendulkar, stop stealing my thunder! =P

This feels pretty damn awesome, oh yes it does! =D And before I slip into the "it feels like just yesterday..." mode, I'd like to welcome SOUMYA, my 100th follower, to my blog! [You can check out her blog here! :) ]. I is loving this, oh I most definitely is! =D
Oh and I'd also like to congratulate my fellow blogger NG for HIS century! :)
It's funny how a few days back I was almost determined to give up blogging all together because of something I read around here. Even though it wasn't much compared to what I have heard people say about me at times[which I wouldn't really classify as pleasant, as you would have guessed by now], it sort of stuck around in my head and I couldn't get myself to write anything at all in here. I was all set to write the final part of the story we had spun together, BUT I was so discouraged that I just let it be and the momentum sort of slipped away. And for THAT I'd really like to apologize to all those WONDERFUL people who took part in the Spin-A-Yarn exercise. You guys were GREAT and I'm really looking forward to doing this again sometime! :) [Sometime here is another word for "After my board exams". Pity, I know]. So hey, I'm proud to announce that SEVEN people together wrote a short story in bits and pieces and from different perspectives. Cheers! =D
And hence I present to you,
By Ruhani, Diwita, Akanksha, D2, NG, Ashzzes and Joyee! :)
and  Part VIII shall be added here ASAP, and that's a promise! :)

For the second exercise, I thought that maybe we could ONLY stick to the "Different Perspectives" thing, what do you say?[ Thank you for the idea, PeaBee :* ] For instance, if I write the first post, we could all try looking at the scenario from the perspective of every animate or inanimate element involved. SO by the end, we would have the same scene in front of us from every possible view point! Whatcha say? =D Can we do this? *closes eyes and prays for an equally fantastic response as the one she got last time*
PS. No matter what the title of this post says, TENDULKAR IS GOD. Period.


  1. Congratulations on the century! :D
    And yeah, I like the idea. Sounds different. I'd love to try it. :)
    All the best for the rest of your boards. :)

  2. Oh I know what you mean when you say "It only feels like yesterday"! When we start out with one follower, we blog just for our own sake. And slowly you figure people are actually LISTENING, and then writing has another joy altogether :)
    Naww. That's not done, babe. People might say shit about you, diss you some. None of us are exceptions, are we? But if something's so dear to you, never dare let the fire burn out. It'll be a regret that isn't worth it. :)
    Thus, CONGRATULATIONS on your century! :) I like the vibrancy of your blog and at the end of the day, happiness is something all of us like to read, right?
    I usually don't comment such HUGE comments (sorry?), but I felt kind of taken aback after reading the 'giving up blogging' part, cause you don't come across to me as a person who'd give up due to what people do- Talk.
    You come across as a happy, chirpy and a feel-good-person, so lets hold on to that, yes? :)

    P.s- The topic for the next Spin A Yarn sounds brilliant. Count me in and I already call dibs!

    1. Yep, I know what you're talking about! It feels great to know that there are a hundred people out there who're actually listening!:)
      Yeah I know, but it kind of really hurts when people misunderstand your actions and start judging you.That IS actually the worst part. So that's how I ended up questioning myself. But then in the process I realized that at present, my blog is actually the reason for my happiness. Little joys like new followers and appreciation make my day! And I realized I wouldn't want to let go of that, even if it made people misunderstand my actions! And so, I held on :)
      THANK YOU :) Yes, I become THAT person when I am posting in here. And surprisingly, I really really like that person! :)
      Yay! Confirmation #2 =D

    *throws heart shaped balloons at you*
    And Im sorry I backed out of the thing last minute =/
    But I'll make up for it, I promise :D
    And haters gonna hate, but bloggers gonna blog, right? :)

    1. Hahaha *catches all of them and blows kisses at you*
      Blahoo. Oh yes you must! =D
      You bet! :)

  4. first things first. people talk. and say shit. some compliment. some criticise. learn how to take everything. thats all :)

    second, know for fact why you are doing something. more often that not, its not people.

    third, this wasnt intended to be a lecture. but work makes me this way so humble apologies! :P

    1. Yeah I try to do that. Most of the times atleast :|
      Haha no it's okay, that was some good advice :)

  5. YAYYY on the 100th. PARTAYYYYY! Your blog is soo much fun with the colors, the posts and unadulterated LOVEE :P
    The idea seems great. I hope to not butt out like last time :/

    1. AWW THANK YOU SAM B! Your comment made my day =D

  6. Congratulations! I love the psychedelic look your blog has!

  7. Thanks Ruhani and all the happiest wishes back to you. Three cheers to us. Hurray =)
    Btw count me in with the various perspective thingie. Incidentally I've tried even this activity with a friend though it went terrible. :D

    And yes, you do radiate a bag full of happiness through your blog & that's why I keep coming back (despite the animated fonts and colors :P) so yeah, good luck :)

    1. Yay us =D
      Another Confirmation! =D
      Well thank you for that, NG! :)

  8. 100 finally! Thode se mujhe bhi dede! =P
    You know I once commented on a picture of yours of the wedding. Remember that Chub. That and just that makes you glow. You've a lot of love inside of you. You give so much of it away by doing a lot of things. Even if it something as simple as a blog.
    People talk Chub. That's all they do. Let unnecessar things pass through you. You're the only person who makes you YOU. And count me in. I like the idea.

    1. Haha YES =D
      That's really really sweet of you Aka! :) Will do! :)
      Yay! Another confirmation! =D

    2. I can literally number this one as infinity now that keep you calling sweet all the time. *bangs the head on the wall*
      Okay, I'm just bored. Bye

  9. congrats gal! n i love ur blog. its so cute :)

  10. whoa!!! that 100 calls for celebration **pop** champagne spills and **cheers**


    that's a nice blog u've got!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! Hope to see you around in here! :)

  11. I congratulated you already on your century but I am sure you would love to hear/see congrats baabbaaay again! :*

    I am in for the different perspective excercise :)

    1. Yes yes yes! :*
      Thank you babe =D

  12. Congratulashionssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss =D


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