Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oh mighty Writer's Block, thou art sucky.

Kill me. Kill me now.
I've been trying to find something. ANYTHING that would serve as an inspiration for the first post for our very first venture as a team of authors. Sounds all grand, eh? =D [Feel lost? Can't figure out what I am talking about? New in here? Haven't been a loyal follower? Do your homework by reading this up!]  But but BUT it's really not that easy, and I can feel myself buckling under the pressure of producing something which would truly inspire my fellow writers :| 9th March'12 is my deadline, and I will hopefully be ready with something decent enough.
So anyhoo, the people who signed up for this exercise[I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM] are:
1. Joyee
2. PeaBee
3. Diwita
4. Aakriti
5. Baba Vaniteshwar
6. Soumi
7. Akanksha
8. NG
9. D2
And the people who MIGHT [Oh come one, change your mind?] join us are:
1. Sam B
2. Raj
3. Tangerine
4. Ajay
5. Nil
However, if your name isn't on this list, wipe those tears, cause you're free to join, whenever you want! Even in the middle of the exercise! :)

PLUS, we still haven't come up with a cool enough name for the exercise, fellas! :| Help me out in here, someone? Or do you want to stick to the traditional "Spin-A-Yarn"? If you have something on your mind, now would be the time to spit it out! =P

The rules[There are hardly any] are these:
1. In order to be able to write a sequel to a post, one must call dibs on it! [Yeah, it's a little immature, but I'm still an 18 year old girl, remember? Stop judging me! =P] OR beg/fight with the one who claimed it before you did. =P [You know I'm kidding. YOU KNOW IT]

2. Before you write your piece, post the link of the very first post, as well as the previous one, so that your readers aren't left all baffled. [Before bole toh, right on the top]

3. TRY to add a picture to the piece. [Pictures make them feel a little more alive, don't you think?]. But make sure the credits are duly given. [Be it Google,Tumblrr, Flickr, a friend's photography page, or your own work]

4. Try to maintain consistency.

That's it, I couldn't think of any other rules. I tried though, I assure you. But it's best if the least possible restrictions are placed.

Okay, that's it for now. Will be back tomorrow [hopefully] with the very first post of this exercise *Wipes sweat from forehead*

And before I forget, welcome to my blog Revacious, my 80th follower! :) [You can check out her blog here]


  1. How about 'Passing the Blog' like Passing the pass bachpan wala? =P
    Just saying. Don't kill me.

    1. Haha the jury shall consider it =P

    2. Ruhaa, march itself babe? I mean what about boards?

    3. Arrey it doesn't have to be an essay babe. Even a few lines,even a paragraph works. That's the beauty of Spin-A-Yarn :)

  2. Oye. I was in it too! :-|

    1. But you didn't tell me! :O Don't worry, I'll put your name on the list mate!:)

    2. :O
      But I did tell you! :P
      haha never mind. My name is up there now. Thank you. ;) :P

      PS. My sentences are lengthy and my words get lost in them. :-/

    3. Oh don't worry! Just go with the flow :)

  3. First of all,you're freakin' awesome! I'm a little unsure of the consistency thingy though. :P But I'm a little confused. Are you starting it this month only? I thought it was May!:-(

    1. No no this isn't Mind-Blowing May, this is Spin-A-Yarn! :O
      Don't worry, it won't clash with Memorable March! We'll still write for it on Sundays! :)

  4. I mean, I still am. :-|
    Am I being kicked out or something?
    I need something to write about. Nothing better than stolen inspiration. :-|

    1. Hahaha why will you be kicked out? Join in! :)

  5. Count me into the 'might' list, babe!
    Sigh. I just really hope I can tag along in this one :(

    1. Yay! :)
      Do! It doesn't have to be long. Even a few lines will do :)

  6. Oops i read it late and time's up!!! Awesome u are.i landed up drawing inspiration from u rather :-)

    1. Oh don't worry, you can join in whenever! Just keep following the posts, and jump in whenever you feel comfortable :)


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