Thursday, 19 April 2012

Let there be Awesomeness B)

I'm back, yo! B)
Long LONG gap, eh? Well I'm sorry for disappointing you, as well as not being able to check out your blogs for quite some time now my honeybunches, my sugarplums and all that jazz[Hell yeah, I learnt all those words from the Cupcake song. Didn't you?] but I just have been EXCEPTIONALLY busy! Trying to study[Mind it you, TRYING], catching up with all my buddies, attending birthday parties one after the other, filling up all sorts of forms and applications, blah blah and some more of BLAH! Plus MM is almost here and I haven't planned ANYTHING! So hey there, all the wonderful people who follow this space, if you have pictures, or have seen pictures that inspired you or you thought were good enough to be shared, hand them over to me! For I sure need help at the moment! :(
ALSO I've been posting quite a lot of serious stuff over here for a while now, so I thought, oh hell, why not get back to the good old me, eh? =D
So here I aaaaam! Pure, unadulterated me! And somebody around here has been kind enough to appreciate my work *bows* Ooh I love this bit! =D Damn, I miss receiving blog awards! :(

1. Thank and link back the person who awarded you.

Well thank you Kanika[I love her Blog]. I sure am honored! =D

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

But don't I do enough of that already? Sigh.

1. I am presently watching FRIENDS for possibly the fourth or fifth time! All the seasons! Back to back!
2. I am not reading ANYTHING at the moment! Suggestions, fellas? :(
3. I've been clicking all my friends lately. NewCameraLove <3
4. I think Titanic is a fantastic movie. But HELL, it's so bloody depressing! :/ [Yes, I watched Titanic 3D yesterday. Can't push Jack's frozen face out of my head. FML. And yeah, the 3D effects aren't that great either! :/ ]
5. I'm really REALLY excited about hosting Mindblowing May! =D [In case any of you want to send me pictures for the same, mail them to me! :* ]
6. There are people I really wish I could simply DELETE from my life. I have absolutely no patience for annoying people! :@
7. I hate pretentious people. People who're too afraid to show the world who they ACTUALLY are, who choose to mimic  others in order to find their place in the world, people who paint a different picture of themselves in order to fit in, come up with all sorts of lies to make themselves "look good" in front of the world, you know, stuff like that.So hello, if you're exactly the kind of person that I'm talking about, damn, you're on my hit list!

3. Award newly discovered Bloggers.

i) Nirali at Awesome Since '92. Damn, the girl can write! She's presently hosting Awesome April, so why don't you guys join in? :)
ii) Tangled up in Blue at Why is everything Four? Pretty damn honest, raises the most appropriate questions about life, and REALLY makes me wonder about a few crucial things :)
iii) Nilanjana at Nil, ofcourse. My favorite Blog, oh yes. Brilliant, is THE word for her writing.
iv) My dear DEAR friend Diwita at In my words. A wonderful writer, a budding photographer and the bestestestest daadi in the whole wide world <3
v) D2 and Enchanta at Quod Vidi and Metaphorphosis respectively.They're listed over here together because apart from being absolutely wonderful writers, they're also the cutest couple! God bless you guys! <3

There are LOADS of other bloggers I had in mind who really need to be appreciated, but I could just list 5 of them for now!

4. Contact these Bloggers and tell them about the award. 

Will be back as soon as possible my loyal followers!
Eons of love.
Me <3


  1. Congratulations. :)
    Ditto your seventh Point.

    1. Thank you so much Ajay :)
      YES. There is nothing else in the world which annoys me more that pretentious people!

  2. Awww... That was so sweet! :D
    Apart from the fact that I got this award, its more overwhelming that D2 and I were listed together! :D

    Thank you so much! :)

    Now...payback time! :P

    1. Haha yes! You guys deserved it :)

  3. Ruhani! Thank you! :) Your blog is lovely and you definitely deserved your award. I shall do my own post about it soon! Wow! This is my first-ever blog award man! *does a jig around the room*

    1. Haha well congrats lady! You deserved it! :)

  4. Replies
    1. ENCHANTA!! Thank you for all the compliments! =D

  5. i)Friends five! I can NEVER have enough of Phoebe and Ross!
    ii)I just finished 'The yellow emperor's cure' by Kunal Basu and it's good.
    iii)I knew Titanic 3D would be over-hyped. So,didn't go at all! Yeah,at times,I'm smarter than pretty ballerinas!:P
    iv)Good luck for MM! Can't wait for the posts!

    1. Soumiiii! I SO wanted to give you, and Sam B and Tangerine the award too! The five people rule is sucky, eh?
      i] David Shwimmer is so cute I could eat him up.
      ii] I shall try it out ASAP!
      iii] It so was man. Blah :/
      iv] Do join in =D

  6. Thank you so much, Ruhani! :-D
    And really thoughtful of you, keeping me and Enchanta together up there. haha :-D
    I'm really sick right now, so you're going to have to wait until the weekend until I post something back. You know, you might actually like it. ;)
    Thanks a ton for the award. :-)

    1. Well I thought you guys would like that :) Oh no no take your time :) You're welcome =D

  7. Congratulations on the award! :D Great answers!

  8. Congrats, bruv :D
    Also, I hate pretentious people too. I mean, why spend all that energy on trying to act and pretend all the time? Like, what the hell? Get a life.

  9. Thank you for leaving those sweet comments in my blog the other day ! Loved reading the 7 things about you.
    I think that we share a common interest in photography !
    Take care,

    1. Your blog is actually very cute :)

  10. What is MM? :O
    Congrats on getting the award :D

    I don't blame you for watching FRIENDS, once I get the time, I'm going to download all 10 season and have a marathon!

    Yes, Titanic was pretty depressing :/

    Ohh Mindblowing May, I'm guessing that's MM, what is it about? I haven't heard of it!

    1. It's Mindblowing May! It's an exercise I'll be hosting for all my fellow bloggers during the entire month of May wherein I'll be posting something that will hopefully inspire you all to write a post of your own and by the end of the day I'll compile the posts of all the people who joined me, share the links of their posts on my blog, as well as write a post of my own! Do join in, it'll be fun! :)

  11. I have been watching HIMYM. I hate fake people too. <3 <3


  12. Thank you so much Ruhani :D :D :D . I've been busy so checked it so late . Very sorry .
    You must have noticed the non-updated Awesome April posts :( I feel horrible :(
    All the best with Mindblowing May :*

  13. Hello there dear generous child!
    First of all, congratulations on the award bruz. You be too much of exotica on Bloggsville =)

    Second things first :P, THANKYOUUU! :) You're muchmuchmuch too kind. Lovelies like you are so much niceness on my award basket :')

    Thank you, Ruhani :)

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  15. Hi there!
    Awww, I recently received one of these too!! :) I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog recently! I love meeting new bloggers! Since I adore your site so much, I've decided to follow you! I would love if you'd visit me again, so that we can keep in touch!!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.


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