Sunday, 29 April 2012


Yo Yo Honey Singh! B) [NO, I'm not a fan and NO, I don't listen to his music. Gah! It's just my thing to say when I'm in a weirdass lame mood, okay? ]
I AM BACK! The AIEEE B.Arch paper was okayish, but thank you all for your wishes and love! I won't be replying to your comments on my previous post cause it'll be sort of weird if I say "Thank you" AFTER my entrance, no? =P But a big BIG hug for all of you nevertheless! :*
May is hereee! Yayie yay yay! I'm so fucking excited it's not even funny! I actually sat down a few days before my entrance exam and searched for all this shizz![New word added to Ruhani's Retarded dictionary recently]*Head held up high* I tried to add as much variety as possible, and for most days, I'll be giving you choices so that if one element fails to inspire you, the second one definitely will! You all are going to join me with equal enthusiasm, haina? *Puppy face* Oh and before I forget, I'd like to thank Kanika, the Queen Bee[as rechristened by Soumi], the wonderful, wonderful girl who started the tradition of this exerise in the first place. Cheers! =D
So I present before you, the much awaited. . . .


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So here it goes.

1.  I'll be posting something, be it a picture, video, song, anything, on my blog everyday for the month of May. Something that would inspire you to write a piece of your own. Or click something related to it. Or sing about it. Or record a video about it. Anything under the sun, okay? Just be INSPIRED!
2. Publish your post, along with the element for the day that inspired you, mention the fact that it's a part of Mindblowing May, and link back! =D
3. Mail your blog links to me at before the day ends and I'll post your link, as well as my own post by the end of the day.

That's about it folks! Are ya ready for a month of everyday[atleast for me]blogging? ARE YA? So fasten your seat belts fellow bloggers, for Mindblowing May is SO on! Woohooo!

Awaiting a positive response[With baited breath]
Ru =D

PS. If any of you have ideas/Pictures for MM, feel free to mail them to me! And in case you have any queries, just ASK! :*


  1. cant wait. sounds like funfunfun!

    1. And that it will be! Join in! =D

  2. Sounds like Fun.
    Looking forward to it. :)

  3. I'm going to join in WHENEVER I can! :D
    Good luck with MM, Youuuuuuuu. I bet it shall be mindblowing in every sense :*

    1. I really REALLY hope so! Yay! =D

  4. I'll also join in when I can! (Sorry man, entrances! :( )
    Good luck, though I doubt you'd need it! :D

    1. Noooo you said that the last time too :(

    2. Nooo, last time it was the Boards :P
      God, this crapola never ends, does it?!

  5. cool! ..seems like a great task! :)
    gonna join in for sure! ( hopefully, coz have test almost every 2nd day this fortnight! :( bah! ) :P;D

    1. Hahaha I do too! Damn entrances :(
      Hop on! =D

  6. Won't you be inspired by the thing you put up here and lead from the front by writing something inspired from it? :P

    Let me see how my imagination responds :)

    And best of luck, for the results!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Haha no I think by the end of the day sounds like a much better option =P
      Ooh by all means, join us! :)
      Thank you so much :)


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