Friday, 24 June 2011

Guess who just Resurfaced? :P

Hola! :D
Writer's block. Absolute laziness. Hectic schedules. Unorganised life. Nothing to talk about. I could go on and on and ooon with the list of things that stopped me from blogging! But who's that gonna help anyway? I don't even know whether I'll be getting an opportunity to write again in the near future. But who cares right? I guess i'll just make the most of RIGHT NOW. So a LOT has been going on lately, which I shall tell you folks about sometime later. Before that, there's something else that I should be doing. And that is, completing that 10 day challenge that I left midway! The gap between my last post and this one is almost funny :P But then, anyway, here it goes


1. Never being able to dance again :-/ I haven't danced since like what, May?And this one's starting to creep in already! I have no idea how I am going to survive till the end of my board exams! :-/

2.Dying alone and Lonely :-/

3. Creepy crawlies. More than fear, it's disgust that I have for them. :-/

4. Losing a limb, or my eyesight or something like that!

5. Getting cheated on by the guy that I love!

6. Fire.

7. Being unable to make my Dad proud :-/

8. Dying a slow, painful death!

Woah! That was a gloomy post indeed! But I promise, i shall be back with something a little more cheerful the next time :P

Hoping "The next time" doesn't necessarily end up meaning "after 6 months",
Yours sincerely(Gosh this sounds like one of those formal letters they make us write in the school exams :P )
Me :)


Why you no comment? Waaaaaaaa :(