Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm back fellas! :D

It's a good thing I decided to follow that 10 days you thing. Atleast I'll regularly blog for like 10 days :)
So 3 days left now. GREAT. There's soooo much of work still left to be done! Costumes,choreography, positioning, stage designing,...CRAP. I'm so majorly screwed. :/ PLUS my Boyfriend and Best friend's female hormones keep kicking in and driving me craazy! Men. I can never learn how to deal with them. Jackasses.
Also, I realized that my Blog sort of needs a make over. Finally. Yes people, I know you love the header, and more than that, the charming Duo in the background :) But change is good, aint it? :) So suggestions! Bombard me with them! :)


1.DANCING. No discussions, definitely no arguments :)
2.Chocolate <3 No explanations required :D
3.The rain. Tingles my soul,makes me feel alive :)
4.Music. For all seasons, moods, emotions :)
5.Ze Boyfriend :)
6.Reading. :) Though I hardly read now, all thanks to the hectic schedule and my internet-addiction. Whatte pity :/
7.Surprises. That's how one can win me over :P
8. Sleeping. It's the perfect escape from reality :)
9.The few close, trusted friends that I have. 
Shall be back tomorrow! trusted followers. that is, if at all I am being followed at the moment :P Tada! :*


  1. Sorry did not read the post, was too amazed by the header picture of your blog. Is that you?

  2. hey Ruhani..everythin bout ur blog is so cool..& specially the header pics..u have a new follower in ur list..;-)

  3. Thanks, Ruhani :/

    HahahahaA! WHO IS ROCKER?

  4. @Toto..dude hi..m ROCKER..:P

  5. This blog is AWESOMENESS for two reasons:

    Its got C&H in the background. A definite winner.

    Its got some really awesome pics on top. If thats you, RESPECT!! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

  6. Yes! You're back! I missed you so much! Yeah!

  7. Wohooo! I LOVE the title picture. Totally :D

  8. @Rocker.Thank you :)
    @Sridhar From Sriram. I will never EVER understand the stuff that you come up with. Seriously :P
    @Blue Roses :)
    @Scribblers Inc. Haha well thank you for that analysis! Yep, that's me :)
    @The Tame Lion. Haha so much enthusiasm? :D
    @Girl next Door. Thank youu :D


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