Saturday, 25 June 2011

Seven Wants :)

And ladies and gentlemen, you just witnessed a miracle! Ruhani Chopra managed to have something to write about on  the second day in a row!
I can see a faint ray of hope my friends, and I hope you can see it too! :P

I shall be continuing with the 10 day challenge today as well. And today's task is...


1. A DSLR. I want it SO badly right now, it's not even funny!

2. Mum's permission to let me join my dance academy again! :-/

3. A vacation!I haven't been on one since the longest time possible and it's FRUSTRATING!

4. A second chance from a few people!

5. A better relationship with my mother :-/

6. A shopping spree :P

7. It may sound far fetched and what not but yeah, World Peace :)

Thats it for today fellas, shall be back tomorrow :) Hopefully :P


Why you no comment? Waaaaaaaa :(