Sunday, 27 February 2011

50 Random things :P

So yeah, I have'nt had much to write about lately. My life's been all about chemical reactions,friction and double derivatives, and I am guessing you would like to hear me talk about ANYTHING but that! But Gosh! My life's just been getting pretty random lately, so here's a random post, about 50 random things about me. Go on, read read :P
1. Dancing. I look at it as a way of life :)
2. I play a game called "Icy Tower" on my computer when I am extremely pissed or when I am about to burst out crying. As a result, I either play exceptionally well,or make the poor creature fall from even the second step over and over again.
3. I once spent 2 and a half hours trying to find the Original Mario ( <3 ) on the net.
4.I talk to my Boyfriend once he's asleep. Like, I text him,type whatever comes to my mind,like a journal. Woah! That required some amount of courage to admit :)
5. I like big butts. And I cannot lie.
6.When I was a kid, I used to try to look above the Tv screen,hopeful that i might get to see Miss Bellum's face. For all those unfortunate souls who were git enough to NOT watch the Powerpuff Girls,Miss Bellum was The Mayor's Exceptionally hot secretary who's legs were SO hot,that there was absolutely no need to have a look at her face :P
7. I can't decide whether  hate Chemistry more or Physics.
8. I am double minded about possibly EVERYTHING in life,from what I want to do once I am out of school, to what I think of a person, to the color/character on my socks.
9. I often end up wearing a different sock on either foot as a result of the above.
10. At the moment, I am trying to figure out whether I love and miss a certain person, or whether I absolutely HATE that person, right from the bottom of my heart.
11. I despise people who leave me without a second look back, or without any explanation whatsoever.
12. I wish I could sing :( So does Mom. She lives with a teenage daughter who fantasizes about kicking Madonna in the butt. Unfortunately, I am not even close to being Miley Cyrus's butt double. And I sound like an army of lamenting frogs when I sing.
13. I wish to pay tribute to Sukhmani Lamba once before I pass out of school :)
14. I am in DESPERATE need of a Best Friend.
15. I think the entire concept of a Best friend is over rated
16. That just proved point no.8
17. At the moment I  believe Love itself is over rated.
18. I don't WANT to believe that ^
19.I am another one of those "Ullus"who sleep/kill time during the day and then study the entire night.
20.FYI, I dont think Sleeping is wastage of time WHAT SO EVER,so dont mix the two
21.Studying the entire night would mean text almost everyone on my contact list to find out whether anyone,like ANYONE is awake,download random songs,check who all are weird enough to be on Facebook during the wee hours of the morning,stalk random people,look through ALL my profile pictures(I have NO idea why I do that,so don't even bother asking),crib over how I am doing EVERYTHING but studying,cook midnight snacks
22.By midnight snacks I mean Midnight Maggi,since Pssssst... I can't cook anything else. ANYTHING :-/ What a pity.
23. For 16 years of my life, I was BARRED from entering the kitchen since I was a reputed Cutlery assassin. I mean my  mum actually had this image of me coming out of her kitchen with an expression on my face which resembled the one on the usual Bollywood hero's face when he's walking away from a car which just caught flames(You know, that confident "survivor's walk", while the background shows massive wreckage,a bomb blast in most cases)
24.I am DAMN pissed at my Boyfriend right now. Like damn damn DAMN pissed. I could eat him alive right now and not even  burp! And no he's not the one I am referring to in point no. 10
25. Have I mentioned him twice already? I SHOUL'NT. I AM MAD AT HIM. UGH.
26. I am a Kattar Punjabi. Who is also a Pure vegetarian. And I have no idea why most people think that's ironic.
27. I keep a jar of Jam on my study table at times and I keep eating a spoonful after every 3 minutes
28. I watch Kal Ho Na Ho whenever I REALLY want to cry out loud. I watched it today after a very long time.
29. I am a recovering facebook addict :)
30. I used the word "recovering" because I can't remember the exact word which is to be used for a person who was addicted to something and is now trying to fight it off.
31. I hate pink.
32. I own a pink camera. My mum is under the misconception that she's an exceptionally funny person, and gifting me a Pink Camera on my 16th Birthday was her idea of FUN :P
33. I dropped the first ever phone I had in a bowl of sambar.
34. I patkofied my second phone in a fit of anger after I had a fight at home.
35. I am fond of the movie "Jaane Bhi Do yaaron"
36. I randomly start singing random songs in random places infront of the randommest of people.
37. At times I pretend to be the lead vocalist  in a band and sing "Bring me to life" in front of the mirror, with a deodorant spray ka bottle in my hand.
38. I think I could be exceptionally good at the Latin forms of social dancing if I tried, considering how much my butt moves, no matter what i do :P
39. Did I mention I like Big butts?
40. I want to perfect 10 styles of dancing before I die.
41. I wish to learn Bangla before I die. Fat chance. 40% of the people I know are Bengali, YET they fail to fulfill my childhood fantasy. You see, it kind of made me feel Bengalis had a sort of an edge when I was a kid, Any Bengali in my class was instantaneously a hit with my Indian Music and Dance teachers, who were both, wait up, BENGALIS :P PLUS I find it really cool how bengalis who just met,bond by simply conversing in their mother tongue, while the rest of us try to figure out what the hell are they talking about. I have had two  people calling me names while standing right next to me, as I stood there and flashed my brightest smile at them :P
42. The fact that EVERYONE in CR park knows EVERYONE else in there intrigues me o.O
43. I once mispronounced my own name on stage xD
44. People misspell my name all the goddamn time. The worst one I came across was ROHINE. I mean COME ON! That's not even a word!
45.  I believe there are some major grammatical mistakes in whatever I have written yet.
46. I mis spelled the word Cutlery SIX times when I was typing point number 23. Forget THAT, I mis spelled it AGAIN (twice)while typing THIS point. Cutillary...Cattillary...Cuttilary...Cuttelary..Cutlliry..Cut..SCREW YOU! Google Homepage-----> Search----->Cuttilery------> Do you mean CUTLERY? HELL YES!
47. My dream is to flyyyyy over the raaainbow so higggghh.  (That's random singing for you, machas!)
48. I recently came to know the difference betweeen Sex and Gender.
49. I have no idea why anyone would like to read the 50 randommest things about me. Get a life man.
50. YES i am weird, and NO I am not ashamed of it :)


  1. Guess what? I read EVERY point.
    Some even twice. And I laughed stupidly at the screen in front of me as I read each one. :)

  2. Hahahaha! I did this in place of finishing off 2 chapters of chemistry.:P Have you noticed how I have started mentioning my subjects in almost everything I say nowadays? i need help :-/

  3. Okay so maybe I didn't real ALL of them, but yeaaa covered most ;)
    I like your blog! =]

  4. Heey! I read all the points. dont care much for the insult though. I do have life. Sorta :P
    Interesting and random... which is exactly the point :D
    Read my list, its awesome. Just like yours =D

  5. @Nil. Haha I don't blame you xD well thank you lady :D
    @Pri. Yeah well I guessed that much :P I DID! Haha! I was really bored one random night, and as usual I opened up our page since I realized there were old pieces i had'nt read. And when i came across this one, it just felt as if I wanted to do it too! :D

  6. Ooo. I've been thinking of doing this FOREVER. It's epic ! :D

  7. I know right? It was kind of fun. Like making 50 solid confessions shamelessly :D

  8. OhMyGod.
    Let me ask my mum if I was born twins. and If she gave it away..and is that twin called Ruhani now?
    And fuck yeah- on the Bengali Point.
    Its just FUCK YEAH. =D

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! Okay THAT'S a first! :D
    I always thought I was the only defective piece ever born! xD
    I knoooow! I decided I just HAD to learn up Bengali after that Bitching incident :P

  10. You're random.
    Random people are cool. So is this list :)
    And. You're the only girl I know who likes big butts so much she had to mention it twice in one post! xD!
    Epic random blog!

  11. You have absolutely NO idea how uhh..Passionate? passionate I am about big butts? :P
    Thank you so much :)

  12. Dancing as a way of life, different colored socks on feet, studying the entire night and yet always on the phone, midnight being retarded :O *hi5*?

  13. Hahaha this post is so helping me find like minded people :D

  14. You're a Vegetarian ?
    Kill yourself. Like
    right NOW.

  15. 'I am a sciencee but I still have a life". Trust me, as soon as I read this, I had to had to had to read this blog. And specially the 50 random things.. Makes you get to know other people right?
    Kattar Punjabi and a vegetarian? Pink Camera? Sciencee having a life? Double minded about everyting? Desperately in need of a best-friend? Talk to boyfriend once he's asleep? Slammed the phone out of anger?? And so many more points! I think I've kinda found my soul sister.. Lol <3

  16. And I thought, Keep the best for the last. I am an extremely passionate dancer too.. :D

  17. arey yeh toh mast hai...!!
    and i felt soo goos when i could check most of them and say..."haan yeh TOH mujhe pata hai!..yeh toh meri ru hai..!!=)"

    rellie well written love...!!
    i clearly do NOT understand why you waited soooo long...!!

  18. Okay, the original mario was for 8-bit game stations, but have a look at this:

    I am loving it, stumbled upon this a few days back.

    Okay, so you are a vegan who just might eat her boyfriend and not even burp. Is he raddish or something? :P

    I am reading these 50 things in response to a redirection from the current post. It was short though. :P :)


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  19. Try Jazz Jack Rabbit. I used to play that a lot when I was small. :D
    Right now, I'm playing something AWESOME called Rag Dolls. It's an action game (believe it or not) in which you have to master the art of combat between lifeless feather-light rag dolls. Matrix stuff, really. :P

    And do not eat your boyfriend. It may look a nice strawberry when you bite and the blood comes out but that's not true. :-|

    I'm bengali. I do not understand why people stereotype us. All I do is write and play music. :-|

    And the rest would be too much to comment about for now. :P
    As for why I read this, I have no work at the workplace for some time. :P


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