Tuesday, 22 February 2011


*Tak tak tak*
*Tak tak tak. tak tak*
What on EARTH is that boy up to? What does he need the Computer for at..uhh..TWELVE THIRTY,bless him, TWELVE THIRTY at night?! 
She was another mother. Yet another mother with such a sharp sense of observation that she could give Hercule Poirot a run for his money. And such an immense talent for, may I say, SUSPICION. His phone beeped,he read the text, he SMILED,mind it you, SMILED, and BANG! She could have bet half her flesh on the fact that he had a Girlfriend in school. What was she like? Did she come from a good family? Was she Punjabi? was she INDIAN at all? Was she a sciencee? Was she NOT a sciencee? Did she want to become an engineer too?For christ's sake was she up to any good at all? Was she the reason he didnt score a 90 in this term? Haaye mera pyaara bacha. Kisi chudail ke changul mein phass gya! So yeah,what may seem like ages of introspection was, infact, the mental picture of,well lets say, Yet-Another-Mother,for the short span of about 30 seconds. Max. Thirty seconds were all she needed to declare that  poor figment of imagination as unethical,immoral,indecent,and though she shied away from the word in her mind, slutty
She slept with one eye open, and one ear on the room opposite hers. Even the slightest movement roused her,her eyes flung wide open,her senses were on high alert,and if you had night goggles,you would know that lying on her bed,she slightly resembled a cat,sniffing the air cautiously and all, and I'm not even kidding.
So yes, getting back to where we started off from,she had detected that her laadla was up and definitely up to something. But she had had a looong tiring day, and soon, sleep embraced her into it's warm, comforting arms. But folks, we're not done yet. Did I mention she slept with one ear riveted on the opposite door,scanning the vicinity for any sound of movement, or enjoyment? So yeah,unfortunately for her darling Sonny boy,around half an hour later, a slight unsuppressed giggle of his triggered the entire process all over again. 
It's ONE! ONE A.M FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!She noiselessly pulled her blanket aside,placed a toe on the cold marble floor. The rest followed. She almost glided through the floor. She HAD to find out what was up, AND she had to catch him red handed. oh yes, that was essential. She sneaked into the room and  positioned herself in such a manner that any movement of his could be easily noticed.
Caught you.
"ISHAN! What are you doing?"
He jumped, clearly caught unaware.
"Mum what the hell is WRONG with you? Are you trying to kill me one day before my phase test?"
WHY would I want that? Mera beta toh engineer banega.
She peeked into his Computer screen. Well that would be putting it mildly. She made it clear that she had cornered him. Or that's what she thought.
Real life stories Of True IITians.
"Mom I was just reading anecdotes from this book my Maths teacher thought I should have a look at. SO motivating." He nodded appreciatively at the screen. "Just got carried away. Some of them are really interesting. You should have a look at it too, haina Mumma? Mumma?"
Well, "mumma" was having a tough time accepting her defeat. With a sheepish expression on her face, Yet-Another-Mother skulked out of the room, cursing under her breath.
With a sly smile spreading on his face, Sonny Boy reopened the website he had minimized and watched muted porn for the rest of the night. . 
Who says Sciencees can't have a life, eh? ;)


  1. SEXY !
    never knew that such an irritating creature could write so well !

  2. Hahahahaha! Is that a compliment? or not? :P
    But anyway, Sushaaaay! Thank you :)

  3. reminds me of saat khoon maaf.funny but DARK
    good job.

  4. just curious but does ishan refer to this one?

  5. Hahahaha how the hell is it DARK,baby bitch? :P
    Nope! Though I was pretty sure someone or the other would definitely pick this up! xD

  6. no its like in the end,good boy gone bad ;D

  7. Hahahaha Jojo my love, you were NEVER a good boy :P

  8. Hahahaha.
    I Hate you for not having begun blogging before. Your blog, my lady, is going to be the next big thing. :)

  9. Hahaha awww Dipinder Paaji that is Super Sweet! :*

  10. I knew you bloody sciencies were upto something. Nonsense Ghoda'r deem chhokras ! :P
    It's really well written. I like how the mother is so paranoid. it's so typical ! :D

  11. Hahaha not ALL of us! :P
    Thank you Su :) The inspiration is my Mum, ofcourse :P

  12. You do NOT giggle while watching porn. EVER. Trust me on that on -.-

  13. gosh!!!...ru!!...WOWIE!!..kitna mast likthi hai tu re...!!
    well done yaar!!...i love the mother ka character..!!..=P

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA Which sciencee hasn't been through this?
    I have begun using the word 'sciencee' now. Not good. It's a bug.
    Typical mom. hahaha

    1. I know MY mom is definitely like that. And I am sure she fantasizes about getting a Punjabi groom for me too[I can bet my life on it]. But well, she'll just have to deal with the disappointment I guess =P


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