Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I'm alive. Damn.


Yes, after MONTHS I am finally gonna post something, and this is all I have to say. Bummer.
OR maybe more. Lets' see where minding typelessly could possibly lead. So I visited my blog after like the longest time possible and found out that I had 44 followers. Wow. The last time I looked, they were probably 30 or something. It makes me wonder whether people actually found a sneak peak into my life interesting. It made me realize that well, atleast till like a few months back, I was a happy person who did what she liked, what she loved, and what her instincts asked her to do. But my life NOW is overshadowed by fear, regret and hopelessness. I haven't blogged in months, I don't remember the last time I actually danced my heart out,laughed my ass off, genuinely. I don't remember the last time my smile reached my eyes,the last time I told myself "Yes. I'm proud of myself. Because I'm crazy. I'm a child with unbounded energy. And hell, I'm free!". It feels as if everything, everyone is holding me back. I want to be ME. Please let me be?
With a lump in my throat, I'm finally going to admit. Yes I am a sciencee. And I no more have a life.

PS. On re-reading the entire thing, I realized that in the second line, "minding typelessly" should have actually been "typing mindlessly". But I let it be, nevertheless. So that months later, when I am reading this post, I am reminded of  my state of mind on the 4th of January,2012 :)


  1. Science is good, if I got it right that you are now a science student (sciencee?).

    And it wouldn't be wrong to say that everything is science, and you being an artist, it would come naturally to you. Just look out. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I though you laughed your heart out on the 31st. And your smiled reached your eyes. It didn't? :O

  3. @Blasphemous Aesthete. I have been one for sometime now. And how I wish it could actually be that easy. Bleh.
    @Vatsal. It did.. but wasn't ENTIRELY genuine. Sorry :|

  4. Ironic, because it says in your blog description, "Because though I am a sciencee,i still have a life :)"
    haha Hey us 'sciencees' have it better than the rest. Trust me. The creator in you is your bent of mind. The 'sciencee' is just a name. But you know what Shakespeare said. Blasphemous and I were sciencees too, by the way. :P
    All the best. :D

  5. That is exactly how it was supposed to be. Ironic. =P
    Haha I sort of figured it out from his comment =P
    Thank you :)


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