Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dilli 6 :)

And I had never been to Old Delhi. EVER. Loads of people found that shocking, even distressing. I never understood why. Till the time I actually got the opportunity to know that place, in the limited time that I had. Here are some pictures from the day at Chandani Chowk. I shall let them do the talking and be back with something to say sometime later :)

Sis Ganj Gurudwara

The Red Fort :)

Karims sure isn't any fun for the
vegetarians like me :P

The Jama Masjid :)

Fly away,birdies!

The Floor of the masjid

Because we love to pose :P

A moment of quiet introspection..

The colorful,crowded streets :)


  1. Loved the clicks. But yu could do with a bit layout change. Take it if yu accept critisms, Its hurts the eyes.

  2. Lovely pics..a job well done by the people on either side of the lens..;-)


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